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Wrong ideals

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Hello INFPs,

I did a Myers-Briggs personality thingy and came out INFP. Made me feel pretty good about myself and sometimes still does.

But today I came here to ask you for help:sad:.
I am a rather idealistic person... and I think I was led to believe in the wrong ideals. I put a lot work, time and effort and also a lot of emotions into pushing some political ideals that I now do not believe in any more... actually "do not believe in anymore" is an understatement, for I now think those ideals are dangerous for the world.

I did not want to belive in the wrong kind of things again, so I tried having no ideals at all... did not work out. It left me feeling empty and useless.
I am also feeling very bad about myself for pushing the wrong kind of ideals. I even lied to do so. Well, I did not feel bad about me then. I thought I was aiding humanity, but now I do feel bad about me and think I am a failure and worthless.

I just thought you might understand.
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Thank you so much for your answer. I do not know how to give that "official thanks" (the little hearts), but that is what I want to do now.
Let me be a little bit more specific about my situation.
I used to be a member of a socialist political party (joined when I was a teenager). When I however talked to persons, who had been living in a socialist country that really affected my opinion about socialism. I now think that is a good idea in theory, but in reality leads to a lot of bad things.

However, I would never call myself a right wing person or a conservative. I was just trying to have no ideals anymore. Don't know if that makes sense.

Do you want to tell me more about your U-turn?
Thank you all. Your replies are helping me a lot! Really!!!

You are so right, when you tell me to stop re-hashing this over and over. I should focus on something new... it is just so very hard.
It's like I cannot forgive myself, when I make a mistake... while I think that everybody else deserves a second chance.

Freerace, you told me, I should treat myself as if I were my best friend. That is a good idea. Try to be a friend to myself.

My question is: how can I stop thinking that thoughts and focus on something new and not feel bad about me anymore? Your advice is really appreciated. Thanks.
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