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Wrote this piece recently and thought other infps might like it too =).
Winter's Frost
Wrote this piece awhile ago but finally finished it. Any comments or critiques would be appreciated, been awhile since I’ve written anything had depth.
[Intro] This piece has a lot of meaning to me. I’m sure you can all relate, to a degree. Discover yourself, discover the truth.
Deep and cold is the winter’s snow. “Enveloped across our “sight”, it conceals the once flourishing tree of self: Dying in “Winter’s Frost” Our inner tree cries to be salvaged beneath the sleet: Relentlessly, restlessly. Yet no one can hear the heart-wrenching screams.
Snow. Snow forever constant aggregating the steam roll of what we want to be, what we want to do, whom we truly are in a translucent sea. Often, we do not see how events in our lives transform into a masquerade ball. We succumb to living in a state of denial, so far removed from the truth.
Among the heavy snow overlays the ever-growing tree waiting to flourish. So reach into the depth of your soul and blossom beautifully like the flowers of the Amazon. Transcending beauty, that lays within the depths of our human soul waiting to be set a blaze.
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