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wtf! is it possible to be INFP two years ago and be an INTP now?

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two years ago I was 17. i turned 19 two months ago.

Your Type is
Introverted 100
Intuitive 12
Thinking 75
Perceiving 11

very expressed introvert
slightly expressed intuitive personality
distinctively expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

based from the readout of the results, what can you say about the strength of my T preference?

did i ask that question correctly? XD
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Is it possible? Certainly. Keep in mind that MBTI is based on an outdated and incorrect theory that neural plasticity (the changing of your mind due to circumstances/learning) doesn't exist, which in fact it very importantly does. Of course, we can't blame the creators of MBTI for this, as neural plasticity research did not gain much ground until way after they had developed MBTI.
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