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wtf! is it possible to be INFP two years ago and be an INTP now?

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two years ago I was 17. i turned 19 two months ago.

Your Type is
Introverted 100
Intuitive 12
Thinking 75
Perceiving 11

very expressed introvert
slightly expressed intuitive personality
distinctively expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

based from the readout of the results, what can you say about the strength of my T preference?

did i ask that question correctly? XD
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You can read this article on how cognitive functions develop:

And no you cannot change your MBTI type past mid-teens. It is generally believed that personality sets on at very early age <10 y.o. and it corresponds to how your brain is wired. It is not possible for your brain to re-wire itself at later age. Brain does change all the way into middle-age but these are not radical changes, such as change that would be required for you to become INTP.

Instead of doing tests you should read about functions themselves and use this information to determine your type. Tests posted online are very brief and often deliver inaccurate results. They are designed for those who haven't done any research into MBTI theory. The result is that they often mis-lead people. Some people get 3-4 different results when taking these tests! So I would suggest you spend a week reading up on MBTI theory instead of taking more tests to confuse yourself even further:
Function Attitude
Fundamental Nature of the MBTI
MBTI Personality Type Dynamics
can you elaborate this more please?

your reply was very helpful. :happy:
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