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Having my personality being put into a four-letter code seems to be quite the challenge. When I was young I remember having been very active and even aggressive in some ways, always seeking attention from grown-ups in most silly ways. When I got a bit older, in the primary school, I became quite a bit more reserved and serious-minded due to certain problems occurring within the family I was raised in. During those dark times I was always the one who was trying to preserve harmony within the small, tightly-knit family of ours, which was quite an effort considering I was only under six years old. At some point I went so far as to declare myself to be a referee. It proved to be... taxing. I had some rather serious behavioural problems during the preschool and the couple first years of primary school. I used to be an overactive child with a bad temper, probably reflecting the atmosphere we had at home back those days. That overactivity in behaviour was stranngely enough coupled with a very rich imagination.

As I already mentioned, progressing through the primary school I became more reserved and withdrawn. Not that I wouldn't like my peers, far from it, but I just didn't spend much time with them outside of school. I always had it quite easy at school, being among the top students in class despite not putting all too much effort in the school work. I had the lonely childs rich imagination and used to create all sorts of fairy tales within my mind and then play them out. In particular, the medieval times used to be a huge source of interest for me. I constantly pictured myself as a knight in a shining armour, or a benevolent king leading his troops to fight for honourable causes. From third class on in primary school I used to rally children from lower classes and played the role of some kind of a leader, having them follow me everywhere. It might be fair to say I formed my own 'gang' that I could play with. It was really eccentric when thinking about it nowadays, but back then it was all fun and games. What I want to say is that I indeed did enjoy interacting with other people, even being the social lead in situations, but somehow always felt I was flying on a higher plane, somehow being different from others. I enjoyed solitary activities such as reading, drawing and playing with toys, coming up with complex stories.

In interactions with grown-ups I have always been acting older than could be read from my chronological age and have been described as being polite and well-behaved. I have always been quite the dreamer but also a doer. When I turned twelwe years or so I started finding new sides of me emerging. I became much more focused and so to speak, normal. My school grades went up, I started seeing friends more and found my interests getting much broader. It almost seems as if I ascended from the clouds and became capable of actually carrying out things I formerly used only to think about.

This progress has changed me entirely. When I finished secondary school, I had become much more open, warm and engaging in new things with more confidence than before. When I first took the personality test based on Jung's types, I was typed INFJ, which was quite consistent for the time being. Since then I have started typing ENFJ, which has been due to the transformation I have undergone, becoming more open and welcoming towards new people. I have always been quite comfortable performing and giving presentations in front of others. I have the habit of mentoring and tutoring my friends, sometimes being quite demanding of them. I have helped people plan their studies, revise their courses and so on. Doing good is very important for me and has become a top priority in my life. I study the sciences and languages at high school and take university-level computer science classes in my free-time. I also take classes on astronomy and participate in a chess club. My favourite free-time activities are reading and writing, and of course seeing my friends for heady discussions on a broad range of subjects. I am also a very keen spectator of lectures at the university, topics ranging from marine biology to the possibilities of synthetic life.

I have thought of becoming biomedical engineer, cyber-security spokesman, entrepreneur, research scientist, author, science popularizer, politician, philosopher, playwright, composer, civil rights activist, industrial designer, architect, psychiatrist or a college professor. The choice is difficult and heartbreakening: one would wish to be capable of doing them all. The career should provide a remarkable challenge and future potential while at the same time allowing human contact and personal meaning. A typical 9-5 job would feel like a waste of drive.

I am at a total loss in terms of my type. In my youth it seems I had some INFP tendencies, since then I have first grown closer to the INFJ type, and finally ENFJ or even ENTJ type. I am fairly certain to be an N type, always scoring around 80% in the tests I take and possessing often quite unreliable powers of observation in comparison with my vivid imagination that I take pride on. I and E are quite balanced, in my youth I was most likely a pure introvert but that might have been because of the problems we had at home. T and F are still not all that clear. I make decisions based on what is 'the right thing to do' or 'the best for all', but I also sometimes become quite aggressive when speaking about things that hold importance to me. I deeply and thoroughly enjoy studying scientific topics and would consider myself quite good at mathematics, logic and chemistry, physics being the most difficult one to comprehend but still being more than enjoyable. I have always been interested in technology, be it computers or other gadgets of choice. I place high value on technical specifications and the design of products. In my daily life I put high amount of trust on logic and objective data and wouldn't consider myself an impulsive or carefree person. I tend to be really reliable and hard-working, if not sometimes a bit scatterbrained. I plan things months and years in advance and like to make sure things get done. When I decide something, I will probably stick to my guns.

Please help me with my problem! Ask additional questions if need be, I really would like to clarify my type.
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