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I believe this is how I introduce myself, so, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to yet another ever-so-interesting INFJ [or perhaps P? I'm apparently very borderline. My cognitive functions seem to match up with those of an INFJ, and I demonstrate the typical future-oriented, decision-oriented judging characteristics, but am seen as more flexible and certainly procrastination prone (I've tried many times to come up with a politically correct adjectival form of procrastinate. procrastinatory? procrastinatious? Lord, help us all.) I relate to both types, perhaps more to the INFJ in MBTI, but IEI in socionics (I'm a very confused child :p a lost child, if you will) but then, I relate to most every idealist type. I'm apparently a bit obsessive :th_wink: I read at some point, however, that often times with Myers-briggs, the orientation to the outer world isn't necessarily demonstrative to one's true personality. which complicates things to a certain extent, I suppose. ay ay ay. i need help. my friends say I act like an INFJ but exhibit more perceptive qualities while my family tells me I could easily be either INFJ or INFP and demonstrate both traits and am not oriented either way (my rather indignant INTJ father especially. he insists he is and tested as an INFP, or at least was several years ago, while anyone who has ever heard a word out of his mouth immediately identifies him as the most utterly judging oriented man on the face of the earth.) if it helps at all, my enneagram results were as follows: Your (my) core type is 2w3. Second type is 9w1, and third type is 5w4. I find this extremely accurate. I exhibit a very healthy amount of all three of these if I'm being completely honest. It's even a bit difficult to distinguish between the three a core type or one in particular that is my primary, although many might argue I do demonstrate less of the latter than 2w3 or 9w1. Externally, at least. I feel far too many feelings and think far too many thoughts. It's suffocating, to say the least.] teenage girl.

I'm rather new to this psychological personality evaluation categorization concept, if it isn't obvious. In any case, I'm extremely fond of it. Possessive, even. I am the resident MBTI expert in my group of friends (which is hardly saying much. my closest friend is an ISFJ, and I only ever discuss MBTI with my fellow thespians. They are a very lively group consisting of the lovely aforementioned ISFJ, another very indecisive INFJ who demonstrates a considerable amount of se and is actually quite different from yours truly, two fantastic ENFPs, one who exhibits FAR more ne than the other, a very difficult ESTP whom I love dearly, and my ultimate mentor, a ESFP, who, similar to yours truly, shows shockingly high levels of ni, and is probably the only other one of our 'group' who truly knows anything about personality besides yours truly, and certainly knows faaaaaar more about psychology than myself.) and it is slowly but surely taking over my life.
My main pursuits involve music; specifically, singing (most recently classical), piano (my lessons were terminated after only a year of official private instruction, so I have taken it upon myself to expand my studies :p I really love the contemporary piano solos; michael scott, carol klose, etc) and composition [if you are kind enough to call it that. I tend to spend hours on Noteflight creating odd irrelevant originals or arrangements for instruments I don't have the slightest clue how to play. I also can spend hours on my guitar writing "pop" songs (deemed so by a dear violist friend) based off of my empathy for various book characters.]
Also, I write (and therefore, of course, read) quite a lot. And I regrettably attend the local public high school, where I have been deemed "freshman". Because I am a freshman (I'm 14. A generation z and proud). I enjoy it under certain circumstances.
My life consists of reading, school, writing, singing, musicals, school, and sleep.
I also eat when convenient.

In case anyone has made it this far into this odd rant of mine and is at all curious (as I know I surely would be) I do NOT talk like this. I certainly think like this, and tend to write like this. Especially when I am tired (as I am now) and have been writing unrestricted for quite a while.

Also, in case anyone is at all curious as to the promised JOHN GREEN esque use of beloved footnotes (as I know I surely would be) I am unfortunately far too lazy to attempt to actually use footnotes or endnotes or whatever it is John Green uses (he has this in common with the ever-so lovely pseudonymous bosch, a fantastic children's author quickly gone wrong. and many other far more impressive authors, none of whom I will even attempt to name) and have instead used multiple extremely loooooong deconstructed thoughts hidden between lovely pairs of parentheses (this is one of my absolute favorite words. parentheses. it is an utterly spectacular word.) Basically, whenever I have a significantly striking internal revelation (my God, you can practically smell the exhaustion in that phrase) I throw my spectacular little team of parentheses around it and make it an unofficial footnote (or end note? who knows. not me, apparently.) Ridiculous? Quite. Inconvenient? I'm sure (my sincerest apologies). Entertaining? Genuine? Certainly.

So, I suppose that is Grace, yours truly, in a nutshell. Or rather, a five paragraph rambling spiel that turned out a brief introduction gone horribly wrong.

I've long forgotten what I meant this oration to be in the first place, so, without further ado, and much love, I shall sign off. Opinions on my personality type would be appreciated, aha (worry not, I'll probably go to the "what is my type?" forum and answer one of those fantastic questionnaires in a few hours). Please introduce yourselves to me if you've the time, I love to hear about other people. If you've questions, it makes no better sense than to ask.
I suppose I'm finished, then. If anyone has read even half of this I imagine they must be bereft of life, or, at the very least, will to live. So, many thanks. I am looking so forward to continuing on this forum, aha.

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You seem so adorably bubbly! Optimism and enthusiasm are definitely two wonderful things to witness in INFJs! I think you'll definitely enjoy mingling in psuedo-self-awareness with this gathering of kindred souls!

Welcome to the forum! :)

And I find that cutting text into shorter paragraphs really helps people in the process of decoding our stream-of-consciousness hieroglyphics. But I admit, parentheses are beautifully versatile literary phenomenons! (I love that word, too!)
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