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I've been lurking this website for the last half year or so and finally decided to make an account. Hello everyone!

I've been regularly tested as an INFP but I'm not really sure myself. I consider myself to be in between an INFP and an INTP because both types fit me well, my F just marginally more dominant than my T.

About me:

-I'm the passive lazy type. I waste most of my time browsing internet and regretting it after.
-Watch a lot of films. My favorite film of all time is Taxi Driver.
-Music is a huge part of my life. It has helped me understand myself better and made me more sociable, as I've almost exclusively hung out with music nerds since middleschool. I listen to a variety of stuff but mostly rock and folk. My personal top 3 are The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Who
-a comic book geek as well though I've been missing out a lot lately. Spider-Man and Daredevil are my heroes since childhood
-I love to watch boxing and football (or "soccer") my club is Chelsea (KTBFFH!!) my favorite sport to do is cycling. Nothing calms me more than some solitary time with my bike.
-I read a lot. Not just books, but also articles and blogs and stuff. I'm always reading something, anything, anywhere. I'm the kind who could be laying in my bed at 1 am, then get up, turn on my computer just because I suddenly wondered about who scored in first ever World Cup final, and somehow ended up reading about the Bosnian war till 4am
-as you can probably tell English is not my first language. I am Indonesian
-I'm currently a freshmen in Lawschool. Though I have to admit I spendmost of my time in classes daydreaming about being a rockstar (yeah thats my favourite fantasy) with my band where I play bass. I just I really love the idea of being successful by doing something you truly love, and sharing it with you closest buddies.

That's it I guess...

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