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Hey :) um, idk exactly what you want to know so I guess I'll just say I'm from Scotland and I'm 18 - I get the feeling that a lot of people on here are 20+. I probs won't be all that active cause I get really busy, but since I discovered the whole personality type thing about 3 weeks ago I've become sort of obsessed with it - it was scary reading my profile and seeing how much was right. Kindof invasive - certain stuff that I like to think people would need to know me really well to understand about me haha.

So I'm kindof a typical ENFP I guess - I like travelling, doing new things, theatre and film - all aspect, writing, directing and actoring :) also a big fan of languages. I value my independance a lot and like living on my own - but with friends round and stuff. In the past year i've become really good friends with an ENTP which has been really good for me in a lot of ways because it's let me develop my rational thinking side. We can piss one another off royally though - I think she's too insensitive and she thinks I'm over emo. Both are proboably true haha.

Again, like a typical ENFP I have a lot of trouble with monogamous relationships and find it very difficult to remain happy in a relationship - even ones which are quite good. I recently lost my INTJ (scientist) and theres nothing I can really do to get him back, which is fairly gutting :( but I just need to get on with things really.
Just about to start university studying theatre, film and tv. I also love gypsy music and have a really sick sence of humour. :)

EDIT: When I say 'lost' he's not like hurt or anything, he just never wants to see me again :p
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