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Maybe she swings on that swing for hours, chain smoking all night, waiting for someone to come, to understand, (and to bring a hoodie because after six sleepless night the routine still hasn’t quite sunk in, please?) She watches the birds fly over head as the sky starts turning the colour of her prom dress, and the sand waft about in the slight breeze, and the water chopping softly. Maybe she stubbs out her last ciggarrette on the back of her hand, and says this is the last night she bothers. Like she has every night for six nights.

Maybe he’s just caught his girlfriend with her tongue down some guys throat, and runs to his car so he can scream as loud as he wants, classical music blaring from one speaker (the other’s broken). The sun’s just coming up, so he pulls down the windows, and doesn’t slow down at the corners. Maybe he contemplates driving to a friends, but then he catches sight of a white bird flying towards him. A straight road, sun in his eyes. He slows down, watching.

Maybe her hair’s come down from it’s ponytail, and her face is glazed with sweat an concentration. Maybe she hears the old car before se sees it, refecting gold sun, and swerving quite worryingly. Maybe she gets of the cheap chopper bike, and wafts her white night dress about (she never changed).

Maybe he stops when he realizes it’s not a bird, but in fact, a bicycle, and a girl, with a flushed face and a white night dress on. Maybe he wipes his eyes and turns the music off, checking his hair in the mirror, and gets slowly out of his bug, taking deep breaths.

Maybe she smiles, and takes in his tired eyed and quivvering mouth, and wonders how anyone could possibly want to see this boy cry.

Maybe he sees the empty cigarrette pack sticking out her back pocket, and the Harry potter book in the basket of her bike. Mybe he smiles back, wondering what made him get out of the car, and what made her stop cycling, and what made the dark circles under her eyes.

Maybe they look at each other for a long moment. Maybe it’s then they decide they’re going to find out everything about each other.

This was inspired by a really old owl city (Adam young) blog. It was fun. I was inspired. It was late.
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