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You have six months left to live. What do you do?

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I jacked this from the INFJ thread, but I posted this on here because I was curious. :) What would you guys do?

This was my reply:I would drop out of school, and work part-time at a medium-paced job, doing something I like. I would aim to save up a certain sum of money so that it can be used to provide for my family after i am gone. I'd most likely use that money to buy some kind of bond or a 5-10 year CD, so that the interest would accrue and this can be used for something worthwhile by my family. Ideally, for a summer vacation sometime down their lives. Our family has been planning to go to this specific place, and has been saving up for that so I'd want my savings to be used years later, when my family has gotten over the grief, and can think back of me and smile.

Outside of work.. I would feel free to enjoy life. Go to the beach as often as I want. Paint a lot. Sing a lot, even though I suck. take dancing lessons, take more music lessons, do all the things i wanted to do but wasn't able to do. Eat a lot of chocolate, go on a cruise, enjoy all the small things in life. Ironically, the idea of having a certain amount of time to live is very appealing to me. It gives me a sense of closure... and because i know my timeframe, i would act accordingly. With life right now, I feel like things are unsettled which kind of irks me, I have to often balance the ideal and practical -- what i want to do versus what i should do. but since i have the time frame, i'd just do what i want to do instead of pursuing my ambitions in grad school. the idea of knowing this makes me feel liberated in a sense.

I would live life with no regrets.

And. as one of the last, last, last things I would make amends with everyone, whether i wronged them, or they wronged me.
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6 months before what? Cause if it's lung cancer, I'd say goodbye and kill myself on the spot, not wanting to bother anyone with the burden of watching me get worse and worse everyday. (I say lung cancer cause I'm a smoker and otherwise healthy).
If it's because of some power out of our means, like the sun exploding, everyone would be in a state of panic, so I guess I'd just try to make sure that those that want to live their last 6 months peacefully are not bothered by annoying people that would make use of the general panic to create chaos.
Now if you go for 6 months to live, just like that, I would be fucking annoyed that my mom would loose one of her children before dying herself, loosing her husband was already really hard on her, wouldn't want her to live that. Hard to picture, because it's so unrealistic. Wouldn't a normal person try to beat the crap of whatever decided this for them arbitrarily? Like, if it's some powerful mafia boss that has decided to kill me, I'd kill him first. If it's some mysterious power, like Death itself, I would try to figure out the reason why me, then and there. If it was because I saw my futur in the cards or something as stupid as that, well, I wouldn't believe it anyway. This question is hard to answer for an ESTJ, well, at least it is for me, because it just doesn't make sense.
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