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This is sort of pointless, but I was bored. :D

You know you’ve officially lost it when...

1. You start having deep, thoughtful conversations...with yourself.

2. You start having intimate, long conversations with inanimate objects. If anybody tries to take these objects away you hiss at them.

3. You also begin having lengthy conversations with your imaginary friends.

4. You have no real friends, unless your computer counts.

5. You can’t look at the pattern on the wallpaper anymore because it keeps transforming into a creepy-looking face.

6. You gaze blankly at the screen of your computer for hours on end, stubbornly evading all social interaction and rocking violently back and forth.

7. The voices will not shut up.

8. You tell people about your theories regarding the nonexistence of reality and your mighty superpowers, and they slowly start backing away from you.

9. You’re having a really hard time getting your homework done because you have to read each chapter precisely four times or else you go into a complete panic.

10. You bump into the wall and get extremely angry, immediately beating it mercilessly with your fist and yelling all sorts of curses at it.

11. You start smelling barbecue even though you’re nowhere near the cafeteria and nobody is cooking. It’s also 1:30 in the morning.

12. You have hoarded a bunch of trash and it’s piling up in your room. And you have to touch every single piece of trash exactly three times before you do anything.

13. You often wake up in dark alleys covered in confetti and syrup with absolutely no idea how you got there, and the janitor cleaning beside you drily informs you that Shaniqua took over again, and the party was wild.

14. There is this weird shadow in the corner of your room that looks vaguely like Darth Vader, and it’s getting closer.

15. You constantly burst out laughing for absolutely no reason, and cannot stop.

16. You often feel like you can fly, and find it exceedingly tempting to try and jump off the stairs. Or the roof.

17. You feel the earth shaking violently and immediately begin to panic at the realization that there is an earthquake. Only the ground isn’t moving.

18. You can’t go outside anymore because it feels like all the horrible people are staring at you and trying to torture you with voodoo.

19. You are pretty sure that the aliens are coming. You can hear them whispering outside your door.

20. Like the true gentleman that you are, you always hold the door open for your imaginary girlfriend and let her in. You’re always sure to kiss her in public, too, because you’re madly in love and you don’t care who knows it.

Some (not all) of these have seriously happened to me...

haha I’ve cracked

Anybody want to add any more? ^^ You know, assuming anybody actually read that extensively long list.

Brilliant white lightning illuminates the sky, accompanied by an earsplitting crash. The slender silhouette that stands in front of the half-open window, bathed in eerie moonlight and the luminescent white light of the stars, raises a shaking arm. Its hand grasps a beaker. Trembling with excitement and drenched by the pouring rain, the mad scientist adds the next ingredient to his ingenious concoction. His deranged laughter blends with the incessantly howling wind, as shrill as the melancholic call of the crow as it foretells imminent carnage. As the hulking life form he has created rises slowly into the chill of the late autumn, oozing opalescent slime, a slow smile spreads across his aged face, wild eyes shining.

“Haha! I’ve done it!”

The world is now doomed.

Oh, the power of insanity. :D

^ random pic I found on ze internet.

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Oh snap, I've completely lost it.
Well good to know, at least. :p

Perhaps I could add
-Your deepest conversations are when you are alone, aimed toward your pet or whatever object you first see that sparks that particular philosophical debate to come alive.

I'd try to add more but I have wander lust...

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Hehe, we should get adjoining (sp?) rooms in the asylum. Ooh, the fun! |D

Oh yes, I do that with my cat. Or my computer. I am not alone yay!!
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