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i have to ask: are all 6s so appartment-focussed like myself? I have often the fear of loosing my rooms:sad: (there is no logical reason: never problems paying my rent, no problems with other people in the house)... 3 years ago, there was a expensive water damage in my kitchen, I paid... but I often have nightmares for loosing my appartment for this...

I live a litte chaotic, I got a appointment with an mechanic for exchange of my gascounter in my appartment, I spend 3 weeks with preparing my rooms for this 20minutes-exchange by thinking: "If he sees one piece of dust or a wrong opened book or maybe a little dirt on a window, he tells his colleagues and my landlord" and am scared of this thinking (KNOWING, its wrong, because my cleaned appartment looks awesome right now:cool:), but there are still these thoughts of "speaking bad behind my back about my appartment)

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