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Nearly 10 years, I tested INTJ. All year, this year, I've tested almost always INTP. Then I read Gifts Differing and comparing I/E; S/N; F/T/; J/P I came out INTP but barely, i.e. just two questions more were P or such.

Socionics gave me INTp, repeatedly or ILI.

Enneagram was hard at first: 5w4 or 5w6 or 4/5/6 which isn't possible so I remember the author saying it isn't common but some have two wings, and clearly, to my mind, I was 5 with a 4 and 6 wing. (From Personality Types: Using the Enneagram For Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso, studying the details not just "these words" as they come up online, simple, glib descriptions).

Then I read the enneagram 5 today, the detailed description for healthy, average and unhealthy, and I could not relate to the drugs; living without any comforts; getting a job far below my capabilities; preferring horror and fantasy and other maudlin subjects, movies, books, and a lot more besides. (This was for average to unhealthy as I don't consider myself a genius or a healthy INTP; I'm more average right now.)

So, I thought, OK, INFP and 4 for my wing. But much of the INFP stuff doesn't jibe at all: Romantic and a need to feel different, other details. A lot does resonate from Healthy to Average.

But when I compare myself to other INFPs, we are very different. When I compare myself to 'extreme' INTPs, we are very different.

On paper, many INFJ; INTJ as well as INFP and ISFP traits resonate, and of course INTP.

It's like I swirl around "analytical" and "creative" and "intuitive" more than any other traits, which are common for many types.

When I am healthy, I just do what I do--don't care what type is under my name wherever: online, in a book calling me, whatever.

But I've been ill this past year, so it's bugging me, and I wonder if I am testing "off" because I am coming up as unhealthy for my actual type with sub-type and wings.

If I could on this site, I would put INXP or INXp, but I don't see that as a possibility.

Well, in my signature I can do that, eh? Yes.
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