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Half the solution is getting it apart, the other half is putting the two pieces back together when you're done. The latter took me a long time....I'd pick it up, put it down, come back to it a few days later when I had a few minutes to kill. It wasn't something I memorized, it just clicked into place one day tinkering with it.

Now I'm afraid to take it apart again, I'd be committed to putting it back together you see. Looks good on the end table though.

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I want one, now. Thanks for sharing the anecdote and the photo.

My random... It's Movie Night, every Thursday if our INTP friend doesn't suddenly get sick or whatever... and tonight we're introducing him to The Maltese Falcon so we can then enjoy watching The Cheap Detective.

My SO and I have seen both films numerous times, but our young INTP has seen neither. He admits that he cannot believe how many films we've seen that he hasn't--and how much he enjoys them. It is taking some of the smug out of him, and we all enjoy the time together:

Dinner, talking before and after, the film--and repeating it for however long "he" lasts as damn, my SO and I have a whole lot of films to share with him!
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