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your dual: ESTP

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has anyone any experience of being in a relationship with your dual? the estp?

i just finished reading a book called 59 seconds by professor Richard Wiseman.

it was found through research that those who fantasize about achieving a goal are less likely to be successful and you are more unlikely to turn your dreams into reality if you dream too much about it. this got me to thinking about the INFP/ESTP dynamic since you are the dreamers and they are the doers.

has anyone had experience of this? have any of you had an estp help you to turn their dreams into reality?
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Socionics also says that INFPs & INFJs can't get along... Take it for what it is

I know some ESTP females. Some are attractive in my opinion, but I don't think I can be able to handle them
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The dual of INFP is not ESTP but ESTJ. INFPs and ESTJs have all the same functions only in different order. This pattern of functions is what forms relations known as duality:
INFP: Fi-Ne-Si-Te
ESTJ: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

How this works is that each personality type actually desires and values some expression of tertiary and inferior functions. But you get exhausted if you have to supply it for yourself, because you draw most of your energy/enjoyment of life from exercising your dominant and auxiliary functions. However if you are in company of another personality that is dominant or auxiliary in these functions then they can supply these for you. This makes you value each other. At the same time having all functions in common yields similar approaches to life and similar ways of making judgements, which increases potential for understanding and decreases potential for conflict.

Overall people prefer to marry somebody who is alike them rather than pair up with their opposites as many studies have demonstrated. According to this article among opposites attract relations ESTJ-INFP and ESTP-INFJ pairings are ones that are most common (these are two dual pairs): Compatibility and Your Myers Briggs Personality Type | PersonalityDesk
My Jungian app tells me that ESTJ & INFP make a dual pairing. However, in real life, I find no attraction for ESTJ females. They're loud, annoying, and stocky. I can somewhat see a female INFP with a male ESTJ but not the other way around. I've come across ESTJs at work, mutual friends, classes, etc. And they are totally foreign to me - I can't understand them and find minimal to no attraction.

Perhaps I'm missing out (doubt it), but I'll stick with the ones I know - other NFs & some NTs
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