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your dual: ESTP

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has anyone any experience of being in a relationship with your dual? the estp?

i just finished reading a book called 59 seconds by professor Richard Wiseman.

it was found through research that those who fantasize about achieving a goal are less likely to be successful and you are more unlikely to turn your dreams into reality if you dream too much about it. this got me to thinking about the INFP/ESTP dynamic since you are the dreamers and they are the doers.

has anyone had experience of this? have any of you had an estp help you to turn their dreams into reality?
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i dated one. he didnt seem cold at all. just immature, selfish, manipulative. I really detested him but it may be attributed to the fact that he acted like a high-schooler.
probably worse than the estj and entj in my experience. i wouldnt go there to be honest. they have a switch for being human and not being human.

an estp would probably be someone who, if he had bad values/morals, would run a weak infp down the ground..literally and figuratively.

they'd make great for hire killers. :) someone who can do something and not look back.
The estp that i dated did try this. basically just to get what he wanted whenever he wanted it. most infp's have that way about them though that will stick a foot up your *** for running over them too much. it gained me respect with him, enough to keep him at bay, coming back, but not enough respect really in the long run for me to be satisfied with his past slights toward me. We had conflict for sure. the sexual compatability never really faded but it wasn't great.
I think that I probably hold more respect from him then the majority of other people he knows, but from an estp, that still isn't much.
It ended up me just denouncing him as a respectable person and pushing him out of my life. He basically got a dishonorable discharge. To this day I don't respect him and its soo hard to get me to treat people that way. I want to treat everyone with respect. What I do like is that he was honest enough to show me how shitty people could be and I can spot that in others now. I like it.
I dont really care if someone doesn't open up emotionally. As long as I don't notice being purposefully withheld. its no problem. with an estp, you can sense what they feel anyway. when we had a deeper connecting moment, it was lacking in the slightest. but day-to-day connecting with ideas and activities was boring at the most. at the least, there was a good deal of back and forth.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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