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Your Four Work Rhythm?

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Hi! I'm a 4w3 and I work in a creative industry although my personal role is more sales than creativity. There are days when my brain switches "ON!" and I get done the work of 5 people, and at 1 AM am still going strong, coming up with new ideas and super-managing everything. I am a marvel on those days if I say so myself! BUT....

Then, there are the Other Days...when a three-toed sloth moves faster than me. I find incomplete emails when I shut down for the day, I have forgotten important things (even if they were written on my To Do list) and I want to crawl under my desk and cry because it's all so overwhelming.

I work for myself. I usually work BY myself. I seem to not be in control of what sort of work speed I'll be operating in on any given day, try as I might with vitamins, Chinese herbs, Krill Oil, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, exercise, adequate rest, iron tablets, The Power of Positive Thinking, just trying to force myself through it, moving the blood to my brain by making my head lower than my body, etc., etc., etc.....

Anyone else feel like this? Any consistent solutions?
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Yes I have had fast pace jobs in the past and I hated them. Right now I am in a slow pace job that pays better than any job I have had. It is really sweet and I love my job. Sometimes when you feel overloaded maybe that means it is time for a career switch. That is what I did and I don't regret the decision. I get paid better now for doing less work then I did at my old job.
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