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ENTP: The sexiest type; charismatic, intelligent, funny.
INTP: Huge nerds. Aloof, pessimistic, detached, weird, knowledgeable. Are not fond of hugs. May or may not contemplate killing you when you try to hug them.
ENFP: These guys are intriguing. Very warm, compassionate and artistic.
INFP: Probably the most creative type. I generally can resonate with them and admire their taste in music, movies and literature.
ESFP: Boring, from my point of you. They usually only talk about mundane things.
(all Ps are lazy)

ENFJ: Inconsistent.
INFJ: Mysterious.
INTJ: Full of prejudice; they also don't accept the idea of losing an argument.
(Js are well organized, but I find them to be less profound than Ps)

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INFJ: Good conversationalists. Poor at telling you what they want. Don't take two of their books and switch them out of alphabetized order in the shelf. INFJs won't find it funny.
INFP: Both INFPs I've met were very emotionally damaged, so that probably has an unfortunate effect here. Very quiet. Very quick to elevate moral self and villainize others for minor incidents.
ENFJ: Too enthusiastic about saving the world, potentially to the detriment of people they already know. Can leap to extreme conclusions quickly. Fearful except when it comes to people. Very giving. Very good at trying to see both sides.
ENFP: All three I've known were very anxious in my eyes, though one would deny it. They are usually very nice. Can completely fly off the handle over things that will make zero sense to you.

ESFJ: Very giving. Extremely nice. Would hold on to relationships to the detriment of everyone.
ISFJ: Will go above and beyond for his friends, but always somewhat negative in outlook.
ESTJ: Both ESTJs I've known were extremely irresponsible, like overgrown children that expected others to take care of them. One is very witty.
ISTJ: Extremely variable, but all are consistent. One is a complete shut-in, scheduled to a crippling degree, and very negative, like a realistic Sheldon Cooper. The other two are very witty and can be very outgoing at at parties. Those two are also dependable to the extreme, which is a trait I very much appreciate.

ENTP: My best friend as a kid was an ENTP. We got along great; I don't remember a single fight. Very open and adventurous. We had a blast running through pastures and dilapidated barns, climbing trees, examining dead animals, and catching live ones. She didn't seem to have a "rationality filter" for her wild ideas though, leading her to come up with gems such as 1) "We evolved from cats." 2) "I am a vampire because if my pointy canines." And 3) "I can cast magic to control the weather."
ENTJ: The ENTJ I know is a libertarian Ayn Rand devotee. He really likes efficient systems, and would happily design a completely efficient system that did not at all take into account the well-being of the people who populate it. Very smart. Very good at math. Likes to share knowledge and debate.
INTP: Unless they are very interested in the activity, they always appear to have only half of their mind in the present. Stubborn in the same way a donkey is: try to lead them somewhere, and if they don't want to go, they just quietly stand there and don't go. All the pulling in the world won't make a difference.
INTJ: Never met one of these!

ESTP: Very adventurous. Can't stand a desk job. Very negative. Very generous. Hard worker.
ESFP: Very generous. Doesn't think long-term very well. Prone to act according to influence from those immediately around him.
ISTP: Never met one of these either!
ISFP: The ISFP I knew tended to get strange religious ideas. He also didn't take care of himself very well. Nice guy, though.

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I'll just list a few of my favorites because who the hell has time for all 16?? :laughing:
(in no particular order)
1. ESFP - My best friend is a male ESFP and I love him to death. I love pretty much all the suspected/confirmed ESFPs I've met because they're so naturally charismatic, the life of the party and can somehow make any given situation exciting in some way or another. They can also be serious and a great friend to vent to if you're upset, and they're really good at making you feel better no matter how hopeless the situation feels. They're also always up for something new and that's vital for me.
2. ENFJ - I looooooooooooove ENFJ's. Dick Van Dyke is an ENFJ and that alone speaks for itself how great this type is :laughing: They're so charming and naturally very caring. The ones I've met are very loyal friends and are very interesting, insightful people overall and I really appreciate having them in my life. They're so warm and easy to talk to.
3. ISFJ - I could talk all day and night about how much I love this type. They have everything going for them IMO. You would think at first that they're extroverts since they're very friendly and even talkative if you find a good conversation starter, but they're still introverted and I naturally attract to introverts since they're so interesting to me. ISFJ's are also very naturally caring and nurturing and hate letting people down. Even if they're really traditional, they're still very real and down-to-earth and it's such a refreshing energy to be around. They naturally have a paternal vibe from what I've noticed and that's such a big deal to me since I feel like I'm always learning and ever-changing (yes we all are but I see it in myself especially since I'm all about self-growth). My great-grandma (who I was extremely fortunate to meet before she died in 2009) was an ISFJ and she's one of the best people I've ever met. She's the most giving person I've ever encountered and she didn't do it for the sake of impressing people or making herself look good (although of course she wanted these efforts to be recognized, which is 100% reasonable and as they should be). She did it because she just loved serving people. It was what she lived for! It truly made her happy to do tasks for other people all day since she truly saw the best in everyone. She was so optimistic and kind and thinking of her as I type this brings so much warmth into my heart. Gah, I miss her so much. But yes, I love ISFJ's.
4. INTP - I reaaaaaaaaaally appreciate INTP's. They're so chill and always up for talking about random shit, which are two things I live and breathe. They'll be quiet if no ones talking, but as soon as you start talking, they suddenly become really talkative and it's great. Don't get me wrong, I love quiet people a lot, but I'm the same way in that I'll be really silent until someone brings up literally anything and I suddenly have a million and one things to talk about. I feel no stress to impress myself or anything else with INTP's, and that's so refreshing to be around. You can say literally anything and they won't judge you for it. That's why they're so fun to joke around with! If you say something sarcastic or weird, they'll say something back that's even crazier. I love them! INTP friends are the best kinds of friends!

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Obviously from my personal experience:

ENFP - Awesome people with infectious energy, two of the ones I know (one is my mom) are high school english teachers, but holy shit! Take a break and sit still for two minutes, we can't do 43 things in one day.

ENTP - Hilarious and crazy with a thousand ideas that never materialize. And please, PLEASE stop arguing with those people that you'll never get through to. You can't argue against ignorance and it gets tiresome and a little mean after a while.

ESFJ - Sweet people, caring and great-hearted, motivated to help others. I don't have much of a mental connection with them beyond the surface of the pond, but I can banter with them and say ridiculous stuff with fun reactions.

ISFJ - Stressballs that care far too much, always anxious and on the verge of tears. Very good people, though. In their chosen field for the right reasons. They're super gullible and easy to mess with in a light-hearted friendly way. They think I'm completely bonkers, off-the-wall crazy.

INFP - The one I know is worn out by life. She loves to talk about her problems, kind of self-absorbed. She's easy to talk to, but I feel her perspective is so much geared towards her feelings, not considering others sometimes.

ENTJ - I knew one female, and we had a great connection, one of the best mental connections I've had. She was engaged though, soooooo... yeah. Just as real as a person can get, with zero pretense. She was a bad-ass, straight-shooter. Big into music.

ENFJ - Suffers depression. She can read people like a wizard, and says it's hard feeling so strongly, which causes her angst. She's very open and caring, great at her job working with troubled kids. A natural leader. She thinks I'm weird.

ESFP - Oh, we're going out? Okay, give me your car keys and leave your credit card behind. The ones I know epitomize fun, but my god, there are consequences, you know? Great people to mess around with and say absurd stuff.

ESTP - I know one and she's smart and intimidates me. My uncle is one and he's pretty awesome, very smart. I envy the way he just does things and experiences life to the fullest. Way back in high school and in my early twenties I knew more, and they just went out looking to fuck or fight. They scare me.

ESTJ - Oh no, he's home? My roommate is one (my brother's friend), and jesus christ, he needs constant attention. "Oh, you're watching a movie? Let me just talk over the whole thing, and if I've seen it, let me tell you everything that will happen." He's always trying to take charge and tell us what to do, or just does things, makes decisions on his own for our behalf. An absolute ridiculous character that goes on and on about anything and everything, the sound of his voice a drug to himself. He has an imperial attitude and imagines himself as a king or god or something, always wanting to be in control. We call him "The George." But I don't mind him, haha. I'll shut him down sometimes.

ISTP - Basically he's the stereotypical ISTP. He loves to work on things in the yard, smoke cigarettes, and ride his motorcycle. He's got that "cool" aura about him, but until you get to know him he's very standoffish. He hates crowds and family gatherings it seems.

ISTJ - I know a guy, and he'll tell me story after story after story of episodes from his previous job that relate to our current job. He'll tell the same ones too. I like him, though. He's a good dude that is great at his job. I can say ridiculous, random things in connection to what's going on and he'll laugh, thinking I come up with this stuff beforehand and wait for the opportunity to say it. I know a female too and she's super judgmental, and kind of petty. They're both very responsible though, and think I'm hilarious.

INTJ - The one I know is basically unapproachable, haha.

INTP - He's a big-time troll, but a good-natured one. Funny and smart. He's trying to find himself and do something with his life, but feels stuck, wavering back and forth within a mind of doubt. Having Ti or Fi as a dominant function is a travesty.

ISFP - Super chill and laid back. Loves music. He loves being out in nature and psychedlics. He seemed to look at me as a ridiculous, absrud human being.

INFJ - If I know one, I don't know he/she is INFJ.

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Good Lord! Most of these are so on the money it's ridiculous.

The only one I kinda disagree with is ENTJ. I find their biggest contradiction is that they'll be the most driven and organized type, just to throw it all away in an impulsive lust for pleasure.

The ExFJ ones are completely interchangeable too. I find the biggest problem with Fe-Doms is that they are often the most effortlessly altruistic and nicest people, but kinda want that to be reciprocated to them 10 folds.

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INFP: Cinnamon rolls but also minefields (ideal gf types, along with xSFJ)
ENFP: Cinnamon rolls but kinda annoying.
INTP: Either bros or obnoxious trolls.
ENTP: Funny guys but some are too mean.
INFJ: Mom friends but kind snarky.
ENFJ: I have yet to befriend one :(
INTJ: Kinda robotic but cute.
ENTJ: Scary.

ISFP: Fluffy bunnies, psychos or depressed.
ESFP: I want to be smothered by one.
ISTP: Quiet but kinda dangerous.
ESTP: Very loud and arrogant but can be nice too.
ISFJ: My other ideal gf type (along with xNFP), so damn motherly and cute.
ESFJ: ISFJ but either even sweeter or very annoying.
ISTJ: Either reliable or even lazier than me.
ESTJ: The good ones are super reliable, the bad ones are so annoying.

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INFP: I don´t get along well with this type.
ENFP: Nice people.
INTP: Nice people. Sometimes a bit too passive.
ENTP: Admire them for their quick wit. I enjoy debates with them.
INFJ: Never met one.
ENFJ: Never met one.
INTJ: Can be cold, but quite goofy and funny if you get to know them.
ENTJ: We often think very similar.
ISFP: One of my best friends is an ISFP. We have the same goofy humor.
ESFP: Sometimes annoying, but not in a rude way.
ISTP: I don´t have any problems with this type.
ESTP: One of my friends is an ESTP. We get along pretty well.
ISFJ: A bit too nice in my opinion.
ESFJ: Tendency to gossip. I dont really like the ones I know.
ISTJ: I like them.
ESTJ: Hit or miss, sometimes I like them sometimes they really annoy me.
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