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It's 3.15 am now.
I've been working on our assignments for 15 long hours for this morning's class presentation. But the fact that everyone else's doing their job on the eleventh hour just ticks me off. Since I have to do the editing and compiling job.

And the fact that I am the most critical thinker of all other members is never a compliment. It annoys me just to hear those words. If it weren't for my silent nature and that they're my friends I would've punch them on the face.

And this other person. She a dear friend of mine. I really love her. But sometimes I wonder if she ever plotted on bringing my CGPA's down by doing these sort of things. Talking superiorly whenever she has the chance of pointing out my mistakes. Just because she has more experience on handling her brothers. I'm not her little brothers that she can order around like kids.

In the end, this devours me up. It's not like I'm talking bad about these people but I've had enough of keeping my mouth shut and swallow all of these alone. All I ever need is commitment and discipline from these people. I don't know how to deal with these people any more.

Yeah. Sleep soundly dear friends.
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