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This type description comes from Your Key to Sports Success (12th Edition, 2006) by Jonathan Niednagel. An updated edition is expected to be released later this year, and if you would like to know more about Jonathan Niednagel's Brain Typing system you can purchase the book from his web site, - Understanding for the new millenium.

FCAL / ENFJ "Educator"
teacher/pastor; socially sophisticated; expressive, ambitious, catalyst, cooperative, devoted, fluent, imaginative, emotional; opinionated; interested in ideas and possibilities; seeks order, language skilled.

This well liked person is a leader who nurtures growth and maturity in others. The ENFJ is gifted in persuasive speech, setting out to improve the lives of those around him or her, and the world in general. Creatively visualizing the direction a group should go, ENFJs are able to motivate many to follow. Cooperation and harmony are valued by them, and they consider personal relationships to be of utmost importance. Prone to depression as they overload themselves with the concerns of others as well as self, ENFJs struggle to keep emotions under control. They are idealistic when it comes to love and friendship, and can become disillusioned with a less than perfect mate or friend.
Charismatic speakers, ENFJs use fluent language skills to communicate their visions. They frequently become ministers, politicians, and teachers and are often found in the favorite teacher category.
ENFJs like to plan and organize their areas of interest. They honor their commitments, do well in school, and have the ability to see what is needed for the welfare of the whole group. If individuals differ in opinion from the ENFJ, however, he or she takes it personally as failure and rejection.
As one of the more Introverted of the Extraverts, ENFJs may appear less outgoing on a one to one basis. Given leadership and an audience, however, the ENFJ will shine and mature into an expressive communicator.
ENFJ children are warm and friendly, obedient to rules and teachers. They know how to appeal to both children and adults. Being attracted to athletics, literature, history, drama, music, and art, they put a great deal of energy into their interests.
One way to detect ENFJs is to notice how much they care about their appearance. This makes them almost seem like the Sensates. They want to be thin, contemporary, fashionable, well-coifed and beautiful (or handsome). Many ENFJs go into acting and become leading ladies and men. They act attractive, suave and alluring. Farah Fawcett, Julia Roberts, Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise, Linda Evans, Heather Locklear, and Robert Redfor fall aptly into this brain pattern.
Placing people high on their priority lists, ENFJs become nurturing and responsible leaders. They are sensitive and tolerant. Freely relating what is important to them, they share their hearts with the world. They initiate friendships, seeking the good in others and building upon it.
ENFJs are “value” driven persons, defenders of ideals and other matters that arouse an emotional response. In 1988, ENFJ George H. Bush used as the mainspring to his presidential campaign the issue of “values” – the ’88 buzzword for a candidate’s bedrock beliefs. For Mr. Bush, it came easily.
Being a dominant “value” person, the ENFJ can become fiery when personal beliefs are trod upon. When criticized, they may lose a logical perspective. Desiring harmony, they need to learn that the cost may sometimes be too high. ENFJs are diplomatic and energetic, leading the way to improved relations, peace, and joy. Burn out may occur if the ENFJ does not learn to say “no” in the service of others. Even Extraverts need time to relax and regroup. (ENFJs and ENFPs, I’ve observed, are prone to depression when hope is not on the horizon.)

Charmers, Conciliators, Chiefs

Tom Selleck said:
It bothers me when people equate niceness with being dull and wishy washy. It makes me sound like a wuss.
In 1991, People magazine wrote of former Secretary of Transportation and Labor, Elizabeth Dole (ENFJ):
People magazine said:
With her shrewd instincts and rich North Carolina drawl as her most formidable weapons, Dole excelled at the art of negotiating with congressional committees, so much that around Capital Hill she earned the nickname Sugar Lips.
McCall’s magazine said:
But because of her immense charm and magnetism, press reports about her tend to have a soft focus. Business Week compared her to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, calling her ‘a glamorous, feminine presence, draped on a frame of steel.’
The comparison of Jacqueline and Elizabeth was accurate (both ENFJs). And, as described, Mrs. Dole and other ENFJs have tremendous resolve. By the time Nancy Reagan (ENFJ) left Washington in 1988, she thoroughly convinced Capital observers of her resolution.
After President Bush had spent nearly a year in office, it was written:
Yet, for all of Bush’s overt personal contacts with the outside world, beneath the surface he has concentrated more power in the White House and placed it in fewer hands than any President since Richard M. Nixon.

Often Feel Shy
ENFJs have been known to act and feel Introverted. Part of this relates to their, at times, lack of self confidence. ENFJs’ dominant Feelings operate primarily on gut level analysis; logic isn’t essential for decision making. Their iNtuition allows for unlimited possibilities. Thus, ENFJs are prone to second guess themselves. Their NF bent is rock solid in certain deeply cherished values; otherwise, they are prone to vacillation on lesser matters.
ENFJs approach life somewhat cautiously, similar to all left brain, analytic Js. This attribute lends itself to a quasi Introverted persona. Conversely, their right-brained, synthetic, ENFP cousins release their ENF in a spontaneous mode, appearing more Extraverted.
Nevertheless, when ENFJs stand before people, particularly on stage or in a public setting, they come alive. They can range from splendid to verbose communicators.

All-American People
ENFJs rapidly ascend to leadership positions by their Extraverted, charming personas and orderly “J” ambitions. They represent stability and hold strong values. Valuing democracy in groups, they seek to get along with others.
ENFJ Pop star Paula Abdul followed in the footsteps of many ENFJ females who preceded her. In high school she was class president, Homecoming princess, and May Queen.
In 1997, actor Jimmy Stewart died at age 89, leaving an endearing impact on Hollywood and the movie-viewing world. He was quintessential ENFJ, with the innate ability to communicate warmth, values, and winsome language.
Having already established himself in motion pictures (with an Academy Award in 1940), Stewart pursued his patriotic ideals and joined the army during World War II, at age 32. (He took a five-year wartime hiatus from acting.) He and his draft board even bent the rules to allow his military entry (he was underweight). Stewart’s army duty involved 25 combat flying missions, and he achieved full colonel status. Returning to Hollywood, he was greatly admired for the rest of his life.
Jimmy Stewart and George Bush have had many similarities: ENFJs, Ivy League grads, intelligent, personable, good communicators, hard working, military enlistees, World War II pilots with combat missions, and men who strongly pursued their goals and held deep values. Each achieved remarkable success and public recognition. They have been positive modern examples of ENFJs.


In the 1988 Presidential campaign, George Bush spoke of desiring a kinder, gentler nation. Despite any political overtones of his theme, he (and other NFs) truly hope for harmony in their lives. They are greatly influenced by how others feel about them.
In 1991, President Bush told an audience that he shed tears as he prayed just before ordering the start of the war against Iraq.
The L.A. Times said:
For Bush, who said he tries to keep his emotions in check in public and who appears uncomfortable when questioned in interviews and other settings about personal values, it was an extraordinary display: His voice choked up, he stumbled over his words and he paused to run his fingers across an apparently moist cheek as he recounted the deeply personal moment.
George Bush said:
So, if I show some emotion, that’s just the way I am.
In 2001, President Bush’s son, George W. Bush (an ENTJ), was elected as the 43rd President of the United States. His wife, Laura Bush, is another dignified ENFJ First Lady, once again showing the contribution these energetic and structured NF women have on their husbands’ political successes.

ENFJ Sports Profile

Passion, Determination
ENFJs often develop a passion for sports. They see more than perfecting their game or winning and losing they relate to the people involved in sports in a special way. Collecting trading cards can almost be like collecting people. They personalize sports.
ENFJs do not possess the natural motor skills of the Sensates or the smoothness of the right brain Ps. Nonetheless, they can become excellent athletes, particularly if they begin sports early in life.
ENFJs’ greatest assets in athletics are determination and hustle. Their zealousness is infectious to fellow teammates. ENFJs can be viewed as “spark plugs.” They usually set finesse aside and beat their opponents by more running, jumping, diving, hustling – whatever it takes. ENFJs are extra hard workers, blue collar athletes. Defense is often their specialty. Some ENFJs have included tennis’ Jim Courier, golf’s Julie Inkster, baseball’s Jeff Kent, volleyball’s Sinjin Smith, football’s Drew Bledsoe.

Throw and Hit Hard
Throwing hard in baseball and football or hitting the ball hard in tennis or baseball is common for ENFJs. Their Brain Type imparts great passion in their games they love to expend energy.

Regard for Others
Having moved frequently in his formative years, former Olympic Swimmer John Naber recalled his empathetic ENFJ ways:
John Naber said:
Since I was always the stranger in town, I would look at the guy who was the last one picked on a team because he reminded me of me. As an outsider, I knew I had value and I knew I had worth, so I sought out those who weren’t very popular. I assumed they, too, had worth and personal value and that there was something to discover about them.

Type Tips

ENFJs, like other iNtuitives, are well served by developing their motor movements at an early age. If they do, they’re capable of being splendid athletes.
If motor skills are developed, ENFJs’ greatest hindrance to athletic stardom is usually mental. They will find assistance through the mental section of this book. Learning to relax and playing within themselves is paramount. They especially need to learn how to control their energy, enthusiasm, and anxiety when playing.
ENFJs are susceptible to losing confidence in their abilities when things are not going well. They view their circumstances more subjectively than Thinkers, having a tendency to get down on themselves. They welcome encouragement and a positive outlook from their associates.

Popular Career Choices:

Teaching, counseling, psychology, ministry, news media, advertising, acting, writing, photography, health-related professions, sales, business, coaching
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