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How exactly do you experience your Introverted Sensing side? Do you ever like over eatthings to compensate for your mood? Or to fill the emotional hunger with food? Do you often get disgusted by unhealthy people, like in a bus for example.... Do you have a lot of bad habits?

Also what are your emotional struggles? Like do you ever cannot get over something for even years? Do you often procastinate etc? Do you get to know people fairly easy ? Would you be easy to get out of stay alone home don't touch me mood?

What annoys you ?
Well, I never over eat things, unless it is something I want to do. My mood is never the same, sometimes I am in a mood for eating uncontrollably, sometimes I am in a mood for not eating at all.

More, a lot of experiences are constantly returning to my mind and I end up reliving those experiences.

However, although those experiences aren't usually painful, they come back as a painful because I have realized some aspect of those experiences I was completely oblivious to. Like, that I was signaling some girl to follow me when I looked at her and head towards the door.

Well, I was simply leaving the club, noticed her, found her attractive, looked at her for a second or two and then had towards the door. She realized that as a sign and followed me. After she ended up following me, I have frozen in a place and she has eventually realized that I wasn't intending for her to follow me and left, or hasn't she; I don't really now, but I have managed to escape that situation. That experience is actually haunting me, although I have seen that girl only once in my life and that once was that night.

As for would I be easy to get out of stay alone home don't touch me mood, I have created the system by which I can handle that. I know I mention it a lot, but it is actually allowing to function normally when needed and being extraordinary when I can be.

More, I do get to know people very easily, although I am in most cases dragged from people, people are in most cases drawn to me because I am naturally kind and honest.
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