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Your thoughts on "work"?

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Not every ENFP, but a lot of us seem to go through multiple jobs/careers or heck, time off working all-together for extended periods of time. While that's been hinted at on past posts, I wanted a thread just to see where everyone's at on their thoughts of work and how it fits into the life of an ENFP.

and me?

I "work to live" not "live to work" in fact, I brought up that cliche at my most recent job interview (and got hired anyways) and it's the truth. Beyond the fact that I need a good flow of money for the basics of life and to maintain my lifestyle, the work/money combination buys me what I value most: TIME.

There are great people at my jobs, and it's also the thing I chose to do (marketing if you're wondering, just like @viva) creative, and a natural fit. But if I COULD would I stop and do nothing but whatever creative fancy came my way for the rest of my life? You bet your 401K I would.

And so I've made it my life's goal whenever I get promoted or re-negotiate my contract: ask for less money, in exchange for more precious TIME (extra vacation). In that freedom from financial or work worries is where I know I feel most alive.

et tu?
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Some days I absolutely loathe that I have to get up and go to work, because I would honestly much rather spend my day in the sunshine, reading a book, hanging out with friends, or just lazing about with my thoughts. And other days I am excited to go into work because it breaks up my day a little and gives me something to do.

Overall, I would love to go into business for myself. I don't like working for other people. I want to set my own rules, run my business the way I want to (they're so not open to ideas! it's really frustrating!), and know that if I don't feel like going in to work, I won't be losing out on money even if I have someone else cover my shift.
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