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Your thoughts on "work"?

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Not every ENFP, but a lot of us seem to go through multiple jobs/careers or heck, time off working all-together for extended periods of time. While that's been hinted at on past posts, I wanted a thread just to see where everyone's at on their thoughts of work and how it fits into the life of an ENFP.

and me?

I "work to live" not "live to work" in fact, I brought up that cliche at my most recent job interview (and got hired anyways) and it's the truth. Beyond the fact that I need a good flow of money for the basics of life and to maintain my lifestyle, the work/money combination buys me what I value most: TIME.

There are great people at my jobs, and it's also the thing I chose to do (marketing if you're wondering, just like @viva) creative, and a natural fit. But if I COULD would I stop and do nothing but whatever creative fancy came my way for the rest of my life? You bet your 401K I would.

And so I've made it my life's goal whenever I get promoted or re-negotiate my contract: ask for less money, in exchange for more precious TIME (extra vacation). In that freedom from financial or work worries is where I know I feel most alive.

et tu?
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I'm an attorney. I work for a "cause" that I believe in, but it still comes with politics, caps on my autonomy and, at times, following instructions that I don't support, which all drains me. I think I'm good at what I do, but I often feel like I'm mostly oiling the gears and I'm pretty burned out. The good parts and the security (ok, and inertia) keep me there despite the downsides, other possibilities and my awareness that I'm the one choosing to stay and limit my happiness. I sound like a real ray of sunshine, don't I lol?
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