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So this thread is mainly about entertaining each other. I'd like to see some of your recent dialogues you had with friends, colleagues or partners. I'm often very amused, when I watch TV series or movies with INTPs in it and think: "Oh yeah, that could be so me, saying this kind of things!" and here's the platform for a lot of these moments :)

Me and my ENFP brother-in-law who was drunk and ran against a lamppost

I hope this scar will heal...

Me: It's not that bad. In fact, it looks kinda funny. Like a thunderbolt... a drunk thunderbolt.

ENFP: ...

Me: Er... you know, you look like you could be Harry Potter's brother. Well, his drunk brother.

He laughs, but not really.

ENFP: What do I tell people, when they see my scar or crooked nose? I mean, I can't go like: "I ran against a lamppost and broke my nose..."
It's not really a turn-on for the girls.

Me: Why not?

ENFP: It sounds stupid. Maybe I should tell them, I saved a helpless woman from three guys who threatened her.

Me: The truth is more attractive, I think.

ENFP: How is running against a lamppost more attractive than a heroic deed?

Me: Some women like clumsy men. It makes them kind of funny.

I stop and think.

Me: Well, at least my wife does. Or does she? At least, she laughs at me quite often and seems amused, when I bump against things.


Me: And they like honesty.

ENFP: You know what? I think I'll stick with a fancy story.

Me: No, no, wait! Do you know what the truth makes them think? That you are a thinker! You were so absorbed in your thoughts, that you didn't see that lamppost! That makes you appear more... intelligent, I guess?

ENFP: Thinkers don't come across as that attractive.

Me: I beg your pardon?

ENFP: No really, this is total bullshit. They will think I were drunk... which I was at the time. But I was doing better then my pals! At least until I ran against this lamppost...

Me: You should stop to worry that much about your reputation. I think you'd be more likeable if you'd start being a little bit more self-ironic.

ENFP: I'm just balancing things out. If you paint me in a ridiculous way, I have to paint me in a better way to meet the truth somewhere in the middle.

Me: I'm not painting anything. And even if I would do, if I were you, I'd try to get to the truth, no matter what other people are saying.

Then I got a grumpy look and the conversation ended kind of abruptly. But it was all okay later. I think :)

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Uh no. I didn't think of this idea being "important". Thanks for the link. Now I'll crawl into my bed an will cry about how un-original I am.
@joshman108 Depends. It was just the other day, so that's not such a big deal. Plus, I'm not that much of a people person, so yeah, conversations are indeed something special, which I can remember quite good.
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