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Youtube videohost alternatives.......

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...ok the last several videos I've uploaded have been blocked worldwide so I've decided I've had enough of youtube. Sure I'll still use it to watch stuff but there isn't much point having an account if it won't let me upload my videos. Ok sure they have a point it's copyrighted but ppfftttt if anything I've doing them a favour by sharing art.. be it a variation or a snippet of the original.

Are all video websites the same? Are there any that are actually "cool"? And allow people to upload modified copyrighted videos? I mean if you have a movie clip put to different audio it's not really the same it's sliced and diced and different yet youtube don't consider that. Should I just take up stamp collecting already instead or is there another way to make this happen?
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I found Dailymotion so far it looks a million times better!! I'm currently carrying out an upload test! I have a good feeling! :p
It is also great that it doesn't steal my yahoo email account and log it into google automatically without asking... that part is great so far! ^_____________^

EDIT: daily motion rejected my first upload 0_____o
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I had the same problem with some of my amv's I uploaded. One of them got taken of one hour after uploading it.
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I don't ever have cause to upload anything, but I'm able to find most anything on Stagevu. I have to doubt their copyright rules, as I watch movies on there, on a daily basis. Plus, searches for Lady Gaga and AMV's bring back a fair number of results, as well.
Since it was bought by Google it turned to crap. This might be helpful (TL;DR but if you're that into it... :p)
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I think Vimeo is a popular one.
I second Vimeo. Unless things have changed in the couple of months i've been away from it, they are a nice hosting site. I've not had anywhere near the issues with them as I did with youtube.
cools I'll have to try them.... I was concerned that because they were also quite popular that their copyright rules would be just as nazi like! :p
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