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This is a discussion on Amsterdam within the Travel & Local Interests forums, part of the General Chat category; I'm thinking of going to amsterdam for three days next month. I've heard it's an awesome city to travel to. ...

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    I'm thinking of going to amsterdam for three days next month. I've heard it's an awesome city to travel to.

    Anyone on here been to Amsterdam?

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    I travel there constantly (about once a month).

    I recommend trying the food there (stroopwafel, raw herring, bitterballen, kapsalon, etc.)
    Despite being there multiple times, I've never actually been to any of the museums as you have to pay to go inside. (I'm still a student so I gotta budget :P)

    The transportation is good there too. I think you can get a 3-day travel ticket... it would probably be cheaper than getting the OV-chipkaart anyway.

    One fun thing I like to do over there at rare times is go to multiple cheese shops and try different cheese samples :P

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    I've been, too! And I second the food. For museums, you can probably hit both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum in the same day -- all the important paintings in the Rijksmuseum are in the same room, anyway. The Anne Frank house is a must see, of course. The line is usually quite long, but it moves fast and is genuinely worth it. Biking is a worthwhile way to get around, too, provided the weather is good.

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    Unfortunately, I have never been there but I hope to visit Amsterdam soon. By the way guys, I would like to recommend a great service that provides transfer bookings around the world - Gettransfer. Thanks to this service you can easily order transfer.

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    Home town! Did you end up going? Main tip is to stay away from the main squares like Leidse and Rembrandt and to venture out to the inner Southern and inner eastern suburbs. Visit a food market. If you hire a bicycle, be careful :)

    The red light district is overrated but has some of the most beautiful and old buildings in town.

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    I've never been in Amsterdam, but I heard so many positive reviews about this city! Hope one day I'll visit it too. Have a nice trip!

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    There is a lot to do besides just the seedy red light district. Of course if that appeals to you have fun, but yes I'd say the Anne Frank House is a must. You can order your tickets in advance online, which I'd recommend. See some of the art from the masters if you have a chance. If visiting from the UK or America it's worth noting that many people in Amsterdam speak English, so you don't have to worry about a language barrier like you do with most countries.


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