Chengdu or Guilin

Chengdu or Guilin

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This is a discussion on Chengdu or Guilin within the Travel & Local Interests forums, part of the General Chat category; I'm considering teaching ESL in China for a year. I realized that I was resentful of someone I recently parted ...

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    Chengdu or Guilin

    I'm considering teaching ESL in China for a year. I realized that I was resentful of someone I recently parted with partly because part of what I liked about him was that he plans to move to Asia, and I've always wanted to go there.

    He was focusing on South Korea because people act like you can get rich there, but I already know a guy who did it and the money is exaggerated and depends on your lifestyle obviously.

    I would prefer China vastly over Korea anyway. There are ample opportunities there and it's a place I would legitimately want to live temporarily. Also the food is cheap and there isn't the world's most insane living dictator just a few blocks north.

    I absolutely do not want to live in Beijing it is utterly out of the question. A hard no. Shanghai would be better but I prefer a place like Chengdu or Guilin.

    I want the history and natural beauty of China, not some gross polluted monster city.

    Does any one here have experience teaching ESL in any part of China? Has anyone spent time in Chengdu - a place known for its endangered pandas and tea houses - or Guilin - preferred by nature lovers, yet not completely rural.

    Or alternatively does anyone suggest a particular city in China that would fit my interests in culture, the environment and a slower paced life, where I could still reasonably find a job?

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    Never taught in English in China, but I have a friend who has. They have a preference for "Caucasian" looking individuals there as they deem it more authentic to be taught by them. Other than that, children tend to be well behaved. She taught in Taiwan, I suspect it may not too be different from Mainland China but here's some youtube videos to give you some advice.

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    Thank you! @DualGnosis

    From what I understand China is actually safer than the US in terms of gun violence and the murder rate is half ours. I'm aware of the extreme censorship but this can be overcome by a personal VPN number obtained in the West before arrival. I know these are some of the main concerns about China, other than it being communist, but I'm totally fine with sinicized or socialist leaning religious practices, and in fact welcome them. China is also outpacing the US in terms of renewable energy, electric cars, and they are now refusing the Wests plastic waste. I even wonder if there are opportunities there for me as an environmentalist, but probably not until I had stayed long enough to speak Mandarin clearly, which may never happen, I only plan a lark year as an experience not as a plan for a lifestyle.

    I'm curious which agencies are best for jobs. Guilin weather seems close to coastal California, and Chengdu seems tolerably sub tropical, like the coastal American South.

    I wonder how many jobs are even in a location like Guilin, Chengdu seems more realistic and might provide higher pay.

    I watched a video about a guy who went to Beijing but he seemed like a dopey hayseed who had never been to a city and didn't know much about China, so it wasn't terribly helpful. He was excited about Pizza Huts. I don't even go to Pizza Hut in America.

    It would be great to see Taoist temples outside the US and giant Buddahs. It would by the same token be horrifying to make a poor decision in the center of an enormous country surrounded by people who don't even know the Roman alphabet. I desire a rural Chinese experience but I don't think it would be a wise move to get my first job alone in a provincial area.


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