How easily do you get used to living in a new place?

How easily do you get used to living in a new place?

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This is a discussion on How easily do you get used to living in a new place? within the Travel & Local Interests forums, part of the General Chat category; I find it incredibly easy to just pack my stuff and move somewhere else where I don't know anyone and ...

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    How easily do you get used to living in a new place?

    I find it incredibly easy to just pack my stuff and move somewhere else where I don't know anyone and I instantly feel like it's home.

    I've moved into a new place three weeks ago and it seems like I have lived here my whole life. I can't even believe that just three weeks ago I lived in a different city with different people, it seems like it was ages ago... then I think about where I lived before that, for a whole year until July this year and I literally cannot fathom that I ever lived there. It seems like it was two years ago. I can't imagine ever going back because it seems like it was at a completely different point in my life.

    The first time I moved to uni in 2014 (from another country), I felt the same, after about two weeks I felt like that was my home and couldn't imagine ever living in my previous home that I lived in since I was 7! It seemed like a distant memory.

    I don't understand why I feel like this, when I constantly think about how time flies and how January seems like it was only three months ago. The two feelings contradict each other

    Is this a common thing? Everyone always seems to go on about homesickness and so on. I don't get it.

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    I don't feel so disconnected from home like you, but I'd go anywhere and not miss my home at all, because there are new things to discover, and that makes me excited! I don't feel uncomfortable

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    Like you I seem to establish comfort fast.

    I have moved quite alot in my life tho so my larger complaint is the work involved as far as arranging, transferring, packing, moving, it can be a more exhausting task.

    I am inclined to want to move out of our current place just to a more comfortable setting, it would still be local in my case as I have no intentions of moving my kids from their school district. They moved one school district in their lives which I think is enough for them to have some grasping on stepping outside your bubble but yeah I definitely avoid them moving even close to the amount I did growing up. Anyways tangent, blah, so yeah was looking at local places. And the thought just exhausted me. At least for now. I have moved well over 20 times in my life so for me its an exhausting task more then anything. It can be very nice tho just to turn a new page or create from a blank slate.

    What your doing sounds exciting and fun. To me the task just sounds like a chore.

    I am not sure tho I know what homesickness feels like tho. I hate the question "Where are you from" because I have like no answer for it no roots.
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    Pretty easily. I've moved my fair share of times and rarely ever miss my previous place. I'm always excited to go somewhere new. I guess I'm kind of like a gypsy in the sense that moreso than a physical home, its my people who are home to me, wherever they are. I do really love where I live right now though. The ocean is enchanting me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin Sane View Post
    I find it incredibly easy to just pack my stuff and move somewhere else where I don't know anyone and I instantly feel like it's home.
    Boredom is my sign for "I'm home". When boredom hits the beauty of a new home is Go outside! to cure it.

    Why boredom?
    I have noticed when I'm bored the following applies. Safe, secure, well fed, worry free, stability, content.

    I got a true love-hate-thing going on with good hotels. Throw in the bags, eat dinner -> bored. 1-3 hours after arrival I'm home. It also sucks because I probably did travel to get away from the "home"-feeling. :P
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    Extremely easily...
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    Depends on the place, if it's somewhere I actually want to be and decided to be, then yes. Other times it can be difficult. For example, I've had some dorm scenarios where I didn't have much of a choice and didn't wanna really be there, so it was almost as if the whole time I was living there, I wasn't really "there" (mentally checked out). So in those cases I didn't adapt as easily as you.
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    Instantly. I moved a lot when I was little. It sucked, but it made me extremely adaptable. It scares me more to stay in one place. Unpacking my stuff, hanging my clothes, trying to establish it as home, knowing it will not last forever. I don't know how I feel about the fact where I am now is the longest I've been anywhere.
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    I'm all alone. And I'm on my own. I can't.
    Go home.

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    I've recently moved for the first time in my life, to another city which is a lot bigger than my home town. It seems like things are happening soo fast here all the time. There aren't people I know. I'm an introvert and I'm also antisocial, so I thought, even if I was very excited to move here, it would be at least a little bit hard. It turned out, it is not. I loved accommodating to this place and I did it the first few days I arrived. Who'd have known.
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