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This is a discussion on Are you well traveled? within the Travel & Local Interests forums, part of the General Chat category; Originally Posted by dawnriddler i'm having a huge deja vu now have you written this somewhere before? Probably. Lol! Travel ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawnriddler View Post
    i'm having a huge deja vu now

    have you written this somewhere before?
    Probably. Lol! Travel threads tend to catch my attention on this forum :D

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    Erm, on the net. In person, the only foreign country I've been to is Mexico, and several western states. Where would I like to go? The better question would be where would I *not* like to go? One of my teachers would casually wave her hands while mentioning places as far off as Antarctica and Vietnam, which would make me upset, since I'd be eternally grateful to even see one of the places she's been to.

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    looking at number of countries I've visited, not per se (15ish) but I've spent a lot of time travelling in those countries. Major fan of road trips on small back roads.

    I've been to most European and Scandinavian countries, lived in the Netherlands, UK and now Australia and visited the USA, New Zealand and Malaysia. In the next year I'm hoping to add Indonesia to the list. Canada and Japan are high on the to do list as well but so is buying a house.
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    No, and I don't think there's a point to it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelixFahrenheit View Post
    Where in the world have you been? Where would you love to go?
    I have been to around 40 US states (driven in all but 1 of them), 2 Canadian provinces, and 2 Mexican states. Actually, 2 weeks ago I scaled the Texas-Mexico border for work and popped into Mexico twice in a week (Nuevo Progreso & Juarez). The majority of my travels is in the central part of North America (Basically from Ontario\Manitoba all the way down to Texas and some of the Mexican border towns). I am the travel guy for work so I'm all over the State of Texas. I actually write this as I'm in Lubbock, TX.

    You can pretty much see my last almost 2 years of travels in my blog that is in my signature. I do the majority of my traveling by car and it's nothing to put on 35-40,000 miles on my personal vehicle and another 10-20,000 on work vehicles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impavida View Post
    Probably. Lol! Travel threads tend to catch my attention on this forum :D
    okay was really creepy for a moment :XD

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    Yes, I have been probably to all European countries, but I still haven't seen Australia, Amerika and Africa. I've been only in Egypt in Africa.

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    Does anyone here likes mountain climbing, mountaineering? What mountains you've visited? interesting what you can tell?
    I found the this info about mountains, it's interesting. I would like to visit most of the biggest mountains in the world.

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    I wouldn't say so . I have visited many places of my home country , Greece and this year I had the chance to visit Vienna in Austria . Since i went here by bus i spent 2 nights at Belgrade and stopped for some time at Budapest and F.Y.R.O.M. Although , I consider my self to have visited only Austria !
    I would like to visit some exotic destinations though , such as the Amazon , china or some central African country .

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    I have traveled all over USA, Mexico, Ireland, & Poland. I have also gone to cities in Canada, Grand Cayman, Argentina, Peru, Belize, Honduras, UK, France, Italy, Ukraine, Hong Kong, & Myanmar. High on my list is Thailand, Croatia, & Chile. I also want to travel back to Canada & Italy to see the whole country. So many places to go & so little money, I wish I had a sponsor.

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