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This is a discussion on Say Something Positive About Where You Live within the Travel & Local Interests forums, part of the General Chat category; legalized cannabis ;) also people are naturally warm and friendly, and it has really including and accepting politics...

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    legalized cannabis ;)
    also people are naturally warm and friendly, and it has really including and accepting politics
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    the community where i live is really chill and most of the time friendly

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    I live in such a wonderful hippie town next to the beach. People are quite friendly and gentle and are interested in getting to know you. I like the restaurants here as well and how they like to experiment with different styles of food.

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    I can walk three blocks and go from a classy downtown with everything you could possibly need to a rain forest, wetland-sanctuary and a river. It's beautiful.

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    My high school was increidbly racially diverse. (30% Latino, 30% African American, 20% White, 9% Asian, the rest were mixed or Native American (rough percentages). I realize I was taking these numbers for granted when I began college in rural Iowa.. xD

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    It is very quiet. Some people don't like that but I do.

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    I LIKED the wild feel of this place. Abandoned buildings, wrapped in ivy, large empty plains here and there, underground markets, gambling machines, rundown playground with, by extention, a defunct kindergarten, and more - it felt like a whole world to explore. Sure it's different to a child, and now I probably wouldn't be that happy with such environment, but I really loved this city for what it's worth.
    Things are vastly different nowadays. It's become a just another mediocre city, basking in neon at night and glowing with reflected light of glass walls of malls and office compounds in the daytime. Orderly with some occasional slack. Boring.
    Though, roads never change. Roads are as crap as they were.

    That wasn't hugely positive...
    Oh right. There's an actual Goto Predestination copy here. Hope it goes for an actual sailing someday... Maybe :p

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    At the end of my street is an 8km walk alongside a stream with gorgeous parklands that's filled with families every weekend enjoying the surrounds. In one section is a little woodland that people have turned into a faerie forest by attaching miniature doors to the tree trunks and leave little tributes for the faeries near them. It's kind of fun to walk through this part and see dolls house furniture arranged around the doors as if they are outdoor furniture for the fey folk.
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    Live Music Capital of the World! Also, the food is great, especially tacos.
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    I currently live very close to campus (ten minute walk) which is convenient and there's also this big amusement park linked to my university campus which is something I rather enjoy, as I can go on their rides whenever I so please.
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