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This is a discussion on Smoking Tea within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Somewhat related, you can smoke nutmeg. Apparently it will do a number on you....

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    Somewhat related, you can smoke nutmeg. Apparently it will do a number on you.
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    People will say anything gets them high if they believe it enough. One time I attempted to make pot brownies, which didn't work out. My roommates had the genius idea to dry the used weed out and smoke it. It had no effect. But my neighbors downstairs said it made them high and they loved the "barbecue" flavor from the burnt butter. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Face View Post
    Well, this morning, I was making my usual cup of green tea when I noticed that the "grounds" for lack of better wording looked a lot like weed. So I began to wonder if anyone had ever smoked tea grounds or tea leaves before. Google pulled up some interesting things, and it does appear that some people smoke tea. It is growing a bit in popularity because... well, tea is fairly easy to come by, it apparently does give you a high, and it's not an illegal substance.
    I suppose I have two main questions to pose:
    1. Have you ever smoked tea?
    2. What are your initial thoughts on the idea of smoking it?
    you're such an Ne dom

    no, I have not, however, there is a particular variety of Russian black tea that is prepared via smoking. it originated because traders traveling between the orient and Russia used to carry tea by horseback or camel and often left their supplies, including the tea, somewhat close to the fire. tea leaves as a whole are extremely absorbent and, as a result, inadvertently absorbed some of the strong smoke flavor from the fires. once it got to Russia, it had taken on a completely different flavor and was a hit with the locals who have been preparing it that way ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadrivium View Post
    Somewhat related, you can smoke nutmeg. Apparently it will do a number on you.
    I've heard that one before. But tea? O_O lol.

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    I do have a question. What possesses people to think, "Oh, hey! That looks smokeable!"?

    Who was the one who decided to start smoking bath salts? An ex Bed Bath and Beyond employee?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuChApArAdOx View Post
    heh, i wonder if we can do the same with coffee grinds. Heck, i would roll and smoke if i knew it would give me a better coffee fix ;)

    No, never tried it, would be interesting to hear if anyone has thou.
    Take it for what it's worth (probably not a lot), but these fellows seem to think it's possible apparently:
    Erowid Experience Vaults: Coffee (beans) - Smoked Beans - 37808
    Erowid Experience Vaults: Coffee - Who Knew? - 61774

    No, I've never smoked tea (or coffee for the record), but I find a regular cup of it is the best accompaniment to a bowl. So, I'll stick with that.
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    I've heard sage is fun. Or was it Salvia that was mentioned before? Dunno.
    Most teas don't look like something I'd want to seriously ingest in any way
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    Well first tea: this myth was around when I a teenager, and it does nothing, my friends and I tried. As far as nutmeg goes, it has been abused for a long time and has been documented, but I never tried that one.
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    When we were kids, me and my bro were pretending that it was tobacco and tried smoking tea. I wasn't aware of the alleged 'high' effect. And no, it didn't do anything; it just tasted awful.

    Drinking tea as I type. Much better. Ta.
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    Yes I've smoked tea as a substitute for tobacco when I have been super poor, don't do it, its disgusting.
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