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Wii U thread

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This is a discussion on Wii U thread within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Anyone else on here got one yet? My Wii U Deluxe Set arrived yesterday in the mail, along with New ...

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    Wii U thread

    Anyone else on here got one yet? My Wii U Deluxe Set arrived yesterday in the mail, along with New Super Mario Bros. U. I tried out Nintendo Land and NSMBU by myself and was impressed by both so far. My most favourite attraction in Nintendo Land so far is the Pikmin one. Can't wait to try the multiplayer for both games.

    I was amused at how the Wii/Wii U Transfer Tool abstracted the whole process of the transfer of data:

    They put more effort into the tool's interface that was necessary, but it does make the process more bearable and fun to watch.

    The Miiverse is also more entertaining that I expected. The drawings people post on there are quite good plus it seems like everyone has a sense of humour. The internet browser is amazing, much better than the ones I've used on my Wii, 3DS and PS3.

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    I'm planning on getting one. Not sure when though. I'm hoping to get a PSVita before the year ends.

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    The Wii U doesn't come out here until November 30, and it's pretty expensive ($430). My dad wanted to get it for me as a late birthday gift considering that it comes out 3 days after, but I'm just not really interested in it, yet. The only games that look good to me are NSMBU and Pikmin. I suppose I'm hesitant because I learned the hard way about buying consoles on their release date and never using them due to the lack of good games provided.. which was the 3DS, to be exact.

    A friend in the U.S. tells me that the internet browser is superb, though. I'm excited about that since the browser for both the Wii and 3DS are terrible.

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    Some other games I'm interested in playing are LEGO City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros. U, Tank! Tank! Tank!, The Wonderful 101 and Cloudberry Kingdom (I played the preview version of this on PC).

    The internet browser is better mostly because it's much faster and more responsive than the Wii and 3DS browsers. I imagine that people have already used the browser's curtain feature for trolling by now.

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    I have a Wii currently but I probably won't buy a Wii U due to it's price ($249-$349?). I usually just use my Wii to play CoD (I know a hardcore gamer on the Wii?) so I'll probably just buy a used Xbox to play Black Ops 2.


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