East Coast vs West Coast US Fashion

East Coast vs West Coast US Fashion

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This is a discussion on East Coast vs West Coast US Fashion within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Which do you relate closest to in style? MBTI?...

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    East Coast vs West Coast US Fashion

    Which do you relate closest to in style?

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    I live North Midwest

    I definitely am far more influenced by East Coast Fashion when I pick between the two.

    Just thought could be interesting topic.
    My teenage daughter prefers west coast fashion and Hollister. I understood why she said that from her perspective.

    I did explain to her that for me West Coast fashion in most cases does not translate into practical. We live in rough state weather wise in terms of practical. I definitely prefer understated, contemporary, over boho Cali trends, but I get why they appeal to a teenager.

    To each their own

    I guess I probably should have listed influences Ranging from West South Coast vs West North Coast & East North Coast vs East South Coast. As some of Seattle’s layered and more contemporary hipster styles can inspire my style a little.
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    Oh West coast fashion for sure. I mean I live on the West coast but it feels natural to me - even when I lived in the South I liked the whole thing with hoodies and hippie skirts and platform sandals and big hoop earrings. Now that I'm completely comfortable here it's regressed to the point that I inwardly giggle at my roommates. One is from NY state and one is from a suburb of Boston and they're always concerned about how they look, and if their look is streamlined, and if they are fashionable, and if they wore this yesterday ...and I glide around in my boyfriends huge snow-ski jacket and one of his beanies in the rain with some muddy Boggs, and people compliment me on my coat, even though it doesn't fit me. I sometimes roll out of my bed in my shiny blue velveteen genie pants that are super comfy that I bought in LA like four years ago, and throw on a bra, a thermal, and a tight tee with a Northern Spotted Owl on it, and I might get three compliments that day (two on my pants, one on the shirt).

    I try harder sometimes, I do, I have scarves and fringey shawls and wide legged pants with paisley prints and jeans with cheap jewelry studded to them. I own a pair of Chinese linen shoes with flowered embroidery, and I brought some sexy attire with me from LA.

    But usually if my East coast roommates see me on one of those days, they almost look startled when they say I look nice today. On the other hand, I gossip with the West coast crew about how "try hards" stick out like a sore thumb here.

    What's kinda cool, I've noticed, that in LA, Latino guys still dress like hip-hop videos from the 90s. I see people on YouTube like "I wish people still dressed like that" and it's like "oh just move to East LA, it never went out of style there." Like hoodies, beanies, flannels, Chuck Taylors and Vans here.

    I won't go back to Chucks, though. It feels false to me, like repeating high school. Plus they're stupid uncomfortable, Vans are better for your feet. I usually just wear hiking books or Tevas with socks. That last thing surprised me, it turns out with my funky cute patterned socks and hiking sandals I'm just like everyone else in the Pacific Northwest, it's actually a hipster trend on Pinterest and everything, which I found kind of amusing since I've been doing it since high school and thought I was being weird.
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    I'm usually East Coast, with West Coast being only for comfort and super duper casual events. I almost always wear jackets, coats of any kind, and long pants (jeans, long cargo, etc), even in the heat of summer.

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    ISFP. I was unaware that there's a difference. I wear whatever I want to wear. I'm a Canadian who now lives in Korea.

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    Does it count if I was in North California not long ago for some shopping purposes and have an opinion?

    Bloody hell, I knew it was horrible, but I thougt there was a limit to that tho.

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    I had to look it up, I didn't realize there was much difference.
    I'm definitely West Coast, which makes sense. I live in southern California. And now I know why I always feel dressed slightly wrong when I visit my family on the East Coast.

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    I don’t follow fashion
    Fashion follows me
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