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Do you like ASMR?

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This is a discussion on Do you like ASMR? within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I've seen some kids doing ASMR and I think that's a tad bit creepy because they put their mouths up ...

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    I've seen some kids doing ASMR and I think that's a tad bit creepy because they put their mouths up to the mic and just whisper things. Sometimes they even eat and I can hear them chewing, how is that relaxing?

    There's also other decent ASMR videos that I've seen around and I enjoy them.

    His voice however is very relaxing, lol! Sexy too. ; )

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    I love it. I watch and listen to ASMR videos on YouTube quite frequently. It's something I've absolutely experienced since I was very young and to see it explode as a phenomenon the way it has over the past few years has been awesome.

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    No, i don't like it. Generally i like something like TV running when sleep.

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    It really depends on the type of ASMR.

    I don't like visual ASMR. It does nothing for me to watch movements or see someone dressed up roleplaying (except sometimes makes me laugh, or feel uncomfortable if it's sexualized).

    But I really like auditory ASMR depending on the triggers. Cork tapping and the sound of soda fizzing both give me tingles. But other sounds (like sandpaper or crinkling and scratching) I find quite obnoxious. I do like some of the soft whispering when it is just at the edge of not being able to understand what is being said, it's like small parts of my brain activate trying to figure it out in a very alert but relaxed way.

    Honestly though, I think I experience ASMR more often through music, when a song is at a climactic moment. It feels like everything in you is reaching towards that shivering truthiness. Sorry if that sounds nonsensical, I just can't think of a good way to describe it.

    I will post my favorite ASMR here, which is a guided meditation during which you travel through the universe and enter a black hole. It's a good one to listen to at night, it's quite long.

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    It really depends. I could listen to nature sounds, if im in the mood.

    However, asmr done by PEOPLE, makes me really uncomfortable.

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    I think its kind of fun. fun and funny.
    I like the ones that simulate anime characters.. there have been some very talented voice actors for those.
    [Id love to hear Crispin Freeman do one. ]

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    I don't mind it, but I've found it doesn't "work" for me. And yes, I have tried it wearing a nice pair of headphones.

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    I like ASMR the sensation (ASMR is the response, not the stimulus), which I've always gotten from time to time. But now it's synonymous with some girl whispering and making creepy mouth noises at drum-piercing volumes into a binaural mic with her face two inches away from the camera. I sometimes get ASMR from youtube videos but they're nothing to do with that whole phenomenon, no different to anything pre-youtube.

    ps ASMR is a stupidass name.
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    I used to hate it, it was a very unpleasant sensation for me. Like getting hit in the head, hard. However my best friend has recently started doing this to me and I can enjoy it if he's the one doing it. He's made my system more open to experiencing it in other formats.
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