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This is a discussion on ~Makeup & Nails ~ within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I liked these, they look like space: And I am in love with this polish, the rainbow-yness is brought on ...

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    I liked these, they look like space:

    And I am in love with this polish, the rainbow-yness is brought on by the way the light hits it <3

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    For makeup, I usually do wear it whenever I go out. I don't really have many specific brands in particular that I like, but I tend to use pink shadows (sometimes brighter, sometimes more neutral) or whatever color goes with my outfit or suits my mood that day. One of my favorite looks is inspired by the ocean - with pretty blues and greens which I think go well with my eye color (greenish blueish greyish). I try to stay away from super dark eyeshadows because they don't really go well with my skin tone (or dark circles, and yes I use concealer). I enjoy colored eyeliner sometimes, my favorite being teal, though most of the time I just wear black. I don't usually wear eyeliner on my top lids or use liquid eyeliner but I've been wanting to experiment more with that, as well as foundation, bronzer, blush etc because I don't really use those things a whole lot (I tend to mainly focus on my eyes and what's easy enough for me, and the last time I bought foundation it was a bit too dark for my liking and I got frustrated)
    Before I really started wearing makeup, I used to enjoy wearing lip gloss but now I normally just use plain old chapstick. I've been meaning to look into getting some more lip colors though, that might spice up my look a bit. :P

    I like how my nails look when they're actually painted, but I often don't bother because I'm lazy and a bunch gets on my fingertips etc (at least it washes off later) Right now my nails are bright pink and the polish is chipping, but these are two polishes I purchased recently that I've yet to try out:

    Pure Ice - Twisted

    Pure Ice -Deja Vu

    I've really been meaning to buy a mint green nail polish (one of my faavorite colors), as well as gold, and black because I don't have any. For real though, I want to start painting my nails more often, because I end up buying all these pretty colors and then end up rarely using them.

    Well that was a long, pointless ramble but yeah. I like makeup in general (even though I think some people do go a bit overboard) but I can be lazy with it. It can sometimes serve as a creative outlet for me to express myself with (mainly when I'm experimenting with fancy color combinations and whatnot).

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    I pretty much always go for a natural makeup look. Primer, foundation, concealer, blush, and lip color are all I wear. My lashes are already long and I feel like mascara looks weird on them, so I don't wear it. Blush is light pink and lip color is usually pink and sheer since I'm light-skinned with pink undertones.

    Here are my nails. Simple. :P It's usually this or mint green, or white. I like French tips too.

    As far as brands, I use drug store foundation but my favorite designer brands are Benefit, Too Faced, NARS and Dior. I really want to try Make Up Forever. I use Tarte concealer and Too Faced blush. I highly recommend Benefit's erase paste concealer pot--I've been using mine regularly for a year and still have quite a bit left.

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    I usually do most of my nails in one solid color and then have a contrasting accent nail (glitter) for each hand. Once in a blue moon I'll opt for something different and do galaxy nails or ombre. The brands that I own the most of are OPI and Revlon.

    As for face makeup, I stay natural only because I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

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