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This is a discussion on Annoying Trends within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; JUSTIN BYEEEE BER!!! shoot me please hogging up twitter for months now! sick of it! lady gay-ga. Sorry she pisses ...

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    shoot me please

    hogging up twitter for months now! sick of it!

    lady gay-ga. Sorry she pisses me off. People are like mindless clones to a whoreish singer like Britney

    anything moon..eclipse..seriously

    everyone is like they have all been hypnotised. It's ridiculous
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    Ear lobe stretching

    Tramp Stamps

    Shitty Beer/Beer in a can (Shitty wine/wine from a box)

    Dude, when is it going to die already? My ears can only bleed so much.

    Come on already...

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    1: Skinny Jeans
    I don't even know what to say here. I just think they're awful.

    2: Contemporary Mainstream

    I love catchy songs, and I can have a lot of fun with some modern pop. I can think of a few great mainstream artists that I absolutely love. But for the most part it's starting to get a little ridiculous; I can hardly listen to the radio without wanting to head desk.

    Auto-Tune: 808s and Heartbreak was honestly the album that caused the auto-tune ship to sink. I like auto-tune in moderation, but geez, 2010 -- really? Something is wrong when even commercials are using auto-tune. It was so unfortunate that the auto-tune even made an appearance in We Are The World 25.

    Repetition: An overdose of auto-tune on its own is bad, but mix it with repetition and you have a recipe for disaster. I have to say, Womanizer wins hands down for most annoying hook ever, but Drake's Best I Ever Had song is close enough for second.

    3: Parody Films

    ...And they started off so well. Epic Movie broke the poor camel's back, but even that wasn't enough. They had to give us Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie on top of that. I hope Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer stop directing sometime in the near future.

    4: Reality Television
    I'll admit I like some reality shows, but Jesus Christ. At this rate, I'm going to get my own show.
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    Reality TV : what now people dont have anything to do in their lives other than watching group of people living their lives GET A LIFE

    Twilight and Avatar:
    ok we got it nice movies soo much romance and i dont know what, but hello these are just tools to hyptonise you from what is going on in the real world

    Facebook non-ending applications and tests: i cant stand them anymore beside who said i care who visit my profile everyday or every hour

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    Leggings, mostly when they are just worn as pants.
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    Emo... I'm getting really tired of seeing some little rich kid pull up in an expensive car and then cry about how their life is horrible and nobody understands....

    Ghetto White Boys... I just wonder if they know how silly they look....

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    I was hoping it would wear off when people's grandparents started signing in but no, that doesn't seem to be the case.
    Must. Not. Give. In.
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    Crazy twilight fans - literature and movies I can either watch/read or avoid - and when I can't, I think of all the bits which I found laughably bad *cough*eye pans*cough*, but the crazy fans I cannot. I do have some sympathy though, being a fangirl of a different genre/series, more than with below, which is just plain sheeplike. However, crazy fans are crazy fans.

    Also people who have not read the book or seen the movie yet seem to have psychic powers as to how much they dislike it. I'm not a fan, but I choose to actually try a thing out first before forming an opinion.

    People putting irrelevant songs to Twilight videos and oohing at how much they fit...

    Football. It's a game. Jesus. I'd like to see nurses and soldiers getting those wages sometime soon.

    Groups on facebook called something like 'When I see a pretty girl I feel soo jelous I want to puke' - maybe an overstatement, but the kinds of girls who join are almost all clearly attractive, and as much as low self-esteem is something we all experience, if you think you're truly so ugly, it's not something you parade like that.

    Hiphop/RnB remakes of old, perfectly good tracks. Saying that, I did like the sugababes remake of Shape - though it was more pop than RnB.

    Jeans which are riding loooowww. Pull up your trousers or get a belt, my eyes are burning.
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    Starved-crazy trend-hating binge initiated.

    First up:
    4chan. Idiots are so 20th century. Seriously, get out of your mother's basement. (There goes rules #1, 2, 7, and 24.)

    Second: Chuck Norris. He's really not that cool, even for a white guy. Plus, Bruce Lee killed him twice.

    Third: Girls that dye their all or parts of their hair improbable colors. It's really not cool. Oh, sure, it's within your rights as a human being to do it, but sure as hell don't get caught taking a picture of it and let it circle the internet. Just because you're a black sheep doesn't mean you're less of a douche when you're surrounded by your other black sheep counterparts. (IMAGE)

    Fourth: Black and white photography is not "steampunk." I don't know what kind of surreal dictionary people subscribe to, but bad steampunk should be a crime and fakes who try to pass of a black and white picture as some sort of elaborate steampunk visual clusterfuck need to die. Now. (LINK)

    Fifth: Girls who break into unrealistic poses in the middle of nowhere. You know the kind I mean. The "hottie" at the bookstore who randomly puts a hand on her hip, thrusts her ass out, and sets her hip at that 14.75 degree angle. I find this kind of trendy, wanna-be fashion-whore to be an incredible turn-off. Seriously, join a theatre group or something. (IMG)

    Sixth: Ricers. Why spend more on "aerodynamic" body kits, "graphics" aka decals, and plastic spinners from AutoZone than you spent on your car? This is the male equivalent of playing dress-up. Shameful. Oh, and leave the track at the track. Driving "spirited" in 40mph traffic just makes you an ass, especially when you're car can't top 160mph.
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    I wanna bitch slap whoever started those Facebook groups where you have to become a fan to see a picture or get the answer to a riddle.
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