Trends you actually liked?

Trends you actually liked?

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    Trends you actually liked?

    What are some trends you actually liked?
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    I actually like skinny jeans...I don't know why, but i do!
    I wish everyone and their grandma didn't wear them, but they do!
    Well...not their grandma; that would be creepy...

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    I actually like saggy pants only because I don't have to buy a belt or iron my clothes.
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    I love my boot cut/flare jeans! I will never ever let them go! I love that they hug my thighs, but are really loose on my calves and cover all but the toe of my shoe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NearsToys View Post
    I actually like saggy pants only because I don't have to buy a belt or iron my clothes.
    Baggy. Jeans. I will never come closer to looking like a Cossack/Samurai than in the last decade.

    Cossack (Ukrainian Colonel):

    Samurai (Mitsurugi):

    Oh, and if Italian-style shoes (pointy-toed) ever go out of style ... my vengeance will be swift and absolute.

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    I like skinny jeans too
    and smokey coffee shops
    and phrases like "legit"
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    "legit" is legit

    I've actually done a good job of predicting fashion trends since about sophomore year in high school. Let me explain:

    I wore the tighter jeans (never carrot cut though) when I worked at Vans during the summer, but decided to go with boot cut after working there. It's always been pretty popular here, but I've noticed it was slightly more popular recently. I really like my jeans tighter around the thigh and really loose on the shoe. I buy black leather oxfords and they look real good with jean covering the laces. I definitely like low-rise, skinny, boot cut jeans.

    I bought a white jacket a couple of months before every store was full of them. This trend was pretty good at the time, but it discolored easily and didn't hold up as well as I would have liked after a few washings, so I don't wear it anymore and I've noticed most people have abandoned theirs as well.

    I started wearing button-ups 2 seasons before they were the hit thing in stores. I've had solid or striped military-style ones, but I think I'm going to cave and get a plaid one because I wore my friend's to a party and it looked good. Express is really pushing their military style ones right now, but at $60 with no specials on them, that's just too expensive. I'll get a couple more when they start trying to get rid of these because I like both button-down long sleeve shirts and military details.

    I wanted to get a leather jacket a few months before they came in style a while ago and got it at a huge discount. I suppose it would've been cheaper during the recession, but I got a really well-cut one and I look good in it. I don't wear it a whole lot, but I like it.

    I also like how men's dress belts with the solid rectangle buckle are getting a lot of attention now. I suggested my dad get one when we were shopping for dress clothes a while ago before it was really in style, and I've since bought one. It looks nice and clean and I like this trend, too.

    I also really like the trend toward fitted dress shirts. There are very few places I can shop that have small enough dress clothes that I don't look like a pirate in, but it's getting slightly better. However, most brands need to take twice as much out of the lower-torso width than they already have for their "fitted" shirts.
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    I want slap bracelets to come back again. They are only harmful if you are a f'in retard.
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    I liked the maxi dress trend.
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    Tamagochi, japanese yoyo style, comfortable jeans, & game boy original.
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