A couple of things

A couple of things

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This is a discussion on A couple of things within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I'm feeling grumpy today... Does anyone really watch t.v anymore ? With all the crap thats on them i'm surprised ...

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    A couple of things

    I'm feeling grumpy today...

    Does anyone really watch t.v anymore ? With all the crap thats on them i'm surprised its just me, in all my family who dosent watch it. Does anyone feel as bored by tv as i am?

    The main reason than anything happens is because it CAN happen. You wondering the meaning of things, the answer to most of them is because it can. She can, he could, they had the power to. And in science the meaning of it all, is because it could happen it did happen. Not very helpful.
    Basically we're playing a numbers game, what the gods call fate and what we call luck.
    Can you change the situation? can you make sure that the probability of you achieveing something as probable as anything?

    We are out of luck with englands political elections, we've stuck with the Labour party because they are the best on the whole for us. But now that they have managed to let it get out of hand (ressesion) there is only a small probability of them getting back in, unfortunatly for us all now the people with the worst ideals have a chance at power which could make this country worse.

    I want somone at the top who has the ability to focus on one problem at a time, and whos expertise in this area will actually benifit this country. So that money dosent matter in what you get out of life, and make england more self sufficiant. And why is there such a big problem with scotland being independant again? Why can't we let them solve they're own problems?

    And for gods sake WHY, when we have alot of income, to we start a war?

    Why in this life have we only got the choice between the bad and the worst.

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    TV is crap except for some news/biographical documentaries and certain wildlife documentaries. Reality TV is disgustingly shallow and uninteresting. News is primarily propaganda punctuated by squabbling between analysts who ultimately say nothing more than 'Well, X might happen....but it might not.'

    We can change our own situation pretty easily. 'Luck' or 'fate' may be the deciding factor, but it is typically within our best interests to do all that we can in fostering the chance for a positive outcome on our behalf. 'Fate' is the ultimate outcome of the situation. Sometimes the randomness and occasional irony of it can be seen as something that keeps life interesting. It is something that is to be accepted in that what happens happens, but it is not to be used as an excuse not to try one's best.

    I can't speak for England's elections, but I have no faith in the ability of any one person or party to satisfy the needs or concerns of any diverse and populous nation. Politicians are politicians. They will ever be influenced by the interests that turn the wheels of the domestic and global economies. They will say what it takes to get into office, and no matter how true their intentions may be it is rare that they can follow through on many of their promises, and even in the case that they do it can simply give rise to a multitude of unexpected resultant problems. Elections always seem to boil down to a choice between the lesser of two evils.

    You are the only person who can decide what's important in life. There is no leader who can 'enlighten' everyone about what it takes to have a healthy outlook that leads to a full and satisfying life.

    You can see I'm no patriot. I don't pretend for a moment to see any solution to these problems on a political level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abitsilly View Post
    And for gods sake WHY, when we have alot of income, to we start a war?
    Tony Blair and George Bush will one day announce their joined interest in BDSM...All I'm saying...

    Life necessarily has its ups and downs, opression and suffering is necessary for developement and innovation. I figure this is about the best way of looking at things at present.

    And yes, I remain faithful to comedy shows, and DVD boxsets. All else gets neglected.

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    I know what you mean...only a few T.V. shows are that interesting and worth watching nowadays! Well maybe one reason is that there are a lot more interesting stuff on the net... Am I right?

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    I haven't turned on a TV in years. The internet is more than enough.

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    What's a TV? Oh wait thats the display for my ps3,wii, and dvd player.

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    TV is weird to me. I can understand why people might watch certain shows that interest them. What I can't understand is people like my parents. They watch TV several hours most nights because that's just what they do in the evenings, and then there comes a day when none of their shows are new or airing, and they go "Wow it's a shitty night for television" or "Nothing is on tonight!"

    Yet somehow they end up in front of the TV for three or four hours anyway, watching something tthat they geniunely have no interest in watching, its just that "nothing else is on."

    I don't understand why they don't find something else to do, on the nights that nothing is on. TV is no better than drugs for mindless escapism.


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