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This is a discussion on Bring back letter writing... within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Oh, I used to write letters...if only this could come back!! I still have my Nikko receiver and Dual turntable. ...

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    Oh, I used to write letters...if only this could come back!!

    I still have my Nikko receiver and Dual turntable. Folks said that vinyl would never make a comeback, and just lookie!!

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    Someone be my Pen Pal?
    and if you're lucky I would make you a mix CD
    : )

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    I love writing letters and I have a few penpals.

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    I love sending and receiving snail mail.

    I have a couple of pen pals right now, and hope to end up with even more soon, because of a facebook game that lured people into giving me their addresses.

    Best pen-pal ever so far has been Sillytree ( @de l'eau salée ), who gets all creative and sends personal, sentimental things, sometimes homemade or symbolic. I love it.
    The other pen pal I'm still in regular contact with is a girl I met on Yoville who calls herself "Sterling." We send each other random gifts, cards, letters, art, or whatever we feel like. It's nice. It feels like having random birthdays throughout the year, to get presents, cards or letters unexpectedly, and I just love the way it feels just before I send something, as I anticipate the other person getting it.

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    I sent someone on here some snail mail last month. It was a christmas card, but I wrote a lot in it, so it can be considered a letter too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathewsalinas View Post
    I mean, I’ve found some people I could exchange letters and gave them my address, but I’ve never heard from them after.
    Hahahaha! Now they know where you live >:)

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