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Skicking out Tongue during Photo Shots

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This is a discussion on Skicking out Tongue during Photo Shots within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; DUCK RAGE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by snail View Post
    I don't see what's wrong with the duck face. I think it's cute, even though I could never pull it off successfully.
    The only time I've been guilty of something remotely similar is when I was utterly pissed (attempting to taking a self pic), in which case I do tend to purse my lips rather than pull them in. I can't wait till the Jolie fad disappears...but then we'd have no mass of duck faces to laugh at XD

    Quote Originally Posted by snail View Post
    I also think there is something cute and innocent about sticking out your tongue as long as you aren't being all creepy about it.
    Not prone to doing this much any more, but it wasn't about attention seeking (believe it or not) but just a natural reaction to getting photo taken and me being impish as usual.

    Quote Originally Posted by snail View Post
    ...and of course, bunny ears are always totally cute.
    Guilty! XD I don't think I see this stopping any time soon either, it's just too irresistible.

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    I don't think it's a fase, .. I think it's just a fun pose thing. It's the same as "boys" throwing out hand gestures in their photos.

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    Psssh, haters just gotta hate :)
    I just think it's fun to do in pictures. I can either just sit there, smile, or make a silly face and honestly, silly faces are tempting.
    I'll stick my tongue whereever I please ;)
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    hate it when people do that

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    I don't really have a problem with the duck face, but alot of girls do a 'kissing' face instead of a duck face, same thing with less scariness, I guess. It can be cute...sometimes.

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    Hate the duckface thing.
    Don't care about sticking tongue out, neither do I care about bunny ears.

    I always put my thumbs up/look like 'Oh, a camera!'/put on a smile when someone takes a picture of me. I usually look a little uneasy in 'close' group photos. It's pretty funny to see. I'm always just a tad further away from other people's bodies than the rest. Girls tend to bash their faces together when making pictures, and then I just... stand there. It feels unnatural to squash my head against someone else's on a picture, I don't get it. I'm there, I'll smile. I don't get why I'd completely take someone's personal space away on a picture.

    I'm not as bad as the 'hover-hand' people though. That's just sad.
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    I think the stuck out tongue thing is an attempt to be cutesy or make a "funny face" without appearing uncool or looking "ugly"

    Oh, and the duck face is horrible.

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