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This is a discussion on Dubstep!! within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; i like dupstep!Skrilex is good...

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    i like dupstep!Skrilex is good

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    I still fucking love dubstep!

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    I remember when dubstep was really big in the early 2010's, I was in middle school at the time and I was in a phase where I couldn't get enough of it, espeacially in 8th and 9th grade.

    It was certainly a cringe time, but I still like it now even though I don't listen to it often anymore.

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    Depends on the type and the producer and on the period in which a specific track was made. I guess the best tracks came to life in the 2011-2014 era, the heavy ones filled with synths and deep sub bass. The classic tracks from 2008 or 2010 are also pretty OK. But most of the modern dubstep, Riddim, sucks though.

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    I prefer Techno and House to Dubstep but that may be due to my age since I was a 90s kid and not Gen Z or later.


    Dubstep. Skrillex was really popular maybe 6 years ago.
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    Dubstep is awesome, especially when you drive the car! It is giving you adrenaline.

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    Not crazy about it, but like some artists who use it in conjunction with other genres.

    Lindsay Stirling is a good example.

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    I'm gonna be that antsy killjoy and yell at you all that what you're listening to and calling dubstep is brostep, not dubstep.

    THIS is dubstep.

    Dubstep is all about the lowtones, sending that bassy shockwave through your body. It's a genre you can physically feel in your body as you listen to it. It evolved from dub reggae, hence the dub, and shares a lot of elements with it. There's nothing wrong with brostep, but it isn't dubstep, and people conflating the two has killed off actual dubstep as a genre, and it sucks.

    Edit: So you can understand what I mean, this is dub reggae, the genre dubstep was developed from. You can hear the similarities between it and the songs I posted.
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    I can only describe dubstep with this xD

    (Yes, I had to post it lol)

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