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This is a discussion on - Post Your Clothing Style - within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Catwalk I can still fit my clothing from when I was 12. Still looks good. Lol same ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catwalk View Post
    I can still fit my clothing from when I was 12. Still looks good.
    Lol same here - I think fabric were better back then than it is now :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ai.tran.75 View Post
    Lol same here - I think fabric were better back then than it is now :)
    Thus, we go to Neverland™ and sashay around rainbow(s) in our comfortable 12-year old attire.

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    This style.

    In these colors.
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    I almost always wear casual stuff... formal clothing is crazy uncomfortable and it's not like I'm a wall street executive anyway so I just impress people with my fuccboi-chic swag instead ^_^ It seems to work, my style of dress is one of my most received compliments.

    For most occasions where I need to dress up, a dress shirt and some dark trousers do just fine but I have a suit jacket just in case. I never wear it though. I really don't like classic menswear or formal wear. Just give me some sneakers, comfy jeans and a nice sweater and I'm good. I hardly have any fancy items, IME the key to looking good is mostly getting stuff that fits well and knowing how to layer and combine colours.

    For fit, I like my pants tight but not so skinny that my calves begin to bulge or my nuts get squashed -- levi's 511 are a pretty good fit for my build so I have a bunch of those in various colours and washes. T-shirts and henleys can go relatively tight too because I'm in decent shape, but I like my sweaters a bit more loose, especially cable knit sweaters look better when they're slightly oversized IMO.

    Much of my wardrobe consists of neutrals and muted colours like earth tones. Lots of black, grey and white and I dig colours like maroon, teal, shades of green such as asparagus, olive and moss, taupe, cognac (leather) or desaturated blues. Especially the basics are almost all black, grey or white: t-shirts, longsleeve henleys, basic sweaters and pullovers... even my dress shirts are all white or light blue.

    TBH I frequently stick with a greyscale or desaturated outfit with at most one or two items that have actual colour in it: black or grey denim, a black jacket, and then maybe a coloured sweater, some sneakers or maybe brightly coloured socks if I'm feeling like an asshole that day.

    I generally don't like logos and I tend to remove labels with a seam ripper. I do have a couple of t-shirts with prints on them, but they're all like abstract geometric designs except for one band shirt (Deerhoof, it's cool but very green). That's for the summer though, in the colder seasons I'd rather keep it simple and work with layering instead.

    Here's a small selection of stuff I've been wearing a lot recently (I left out most of the greyscale basics so this may seem a lot more colourful than what I end up wearing)

    That teal sweater is my current favourite (the colour looks much better IRL than on the picture) and I'm very fond of the tan New Balances as well.
    Favourites that didn't fit into the pic: a minimalist black bomber jacket, a charcoal herringbone pea coat, a cognac leather jacket, tan suede chelsea boots, grey leather boots, a maroon knit sweater, a grey sweatshirt, a black cable knit.
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    How I'm trying to dress like:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catwalk View Post
    My idea of wearing color is white or grey. It makes them feel a tad better - (i.e., when referring to ''black is depressing'').
    I have tried to wear anything but black, but even white and grey makes me feel uncomfortable. I think that I only wear black is connected to something psychological, but it might also simply be because black is addictive to wear and once you start wearing all black you can't really stop.
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