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This is a discussion on - Post Your Clothing Style - within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Carpentet810 Attachment 490586 Attachment 490594 What is the point of living if you cannot wear suits / ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpentet810 View Post
    What is the point of living if you cannot wear suits / look formal .. (?)

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    images (1).jpg

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    Some James Bond mother fuckers in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheveyo View Post
    Walmart at 3 am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpentet810 View Post
    Walmart at 3 am.

    A dude's gotta have his Cinnamon Toast Crunch fix, man.
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    I posted this in another thread.

    My style is classic with an edge. But most of my "style" is in the way I carry myself. I love leather, hardware, clean lines, metallics and structure.

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    ba513712beab794214946e4bf1846064.jpg Pretty much my jacket.

    asos-grey-super-skinny-jean-in-grey-product-1-12704366-248476897.jpg Pretty much the jeans I wear. I have about 4 pairs of grey.

    Free-shipping-retail-or-wholesale-leather-belt-men-Gold-belt-buckle-belt-mens-best-selling-cheap.jpg This is pretty much the belt I wear only it's versace, and quite old.

    charcoal-blazer-black-turtleneck-black-skinny-jeans-black-chelsea-boots-original-4974.jpg This is basically me from the waist down, and chesea boots are the only shoes I wear.

    For comfort and warmth I wear abercrombie cotton everything, and nike roches. I need the heat.
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