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It's Official—the Internet Is Making Us Dumb

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This is a discussion on It's Official—the Internet Is Making Us Dumb within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 Of course, you may have just wanted to be witty....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 View Post
    Of course, you may have just wanted to be witty.
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    Interesting findings!

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    I read a lot online and I can write very well so it isn't true. If you use it properly, you become smarter.

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    I don't necessarily agree. I write according to how much effort I put into what I'm writing. Writing casually on this forum is going to be different than writing an important proposal or paper. Although I do try to avoid reading poor quality articles on the internet, so that may be part of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Lee Awesome View Post
    I think internet is creating dumb people by feeding their biases. This created a lot of bubble heads that can't apply critical thought to anything.

    " I am too stupid to think, therefore I will let YouTube video, and memes think for me"
    Rev up for some more normies!
    (How dare they not to obey to our master race memes!)

    Or how about this joke about internet youtube in general:

    "Hello, I make fun and original content on my channel!" - 1 Subscriber.

    "I'm a boring Centrist-Right critic channel, and I have a haughty attitude but It's justified because I'm anti-SJW" - Over 10+ million subscribers.
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