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This is a discussion on Multiplayer Games? within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Sandbox PvP that's when shit get's serious. Most of you don't even know the adrenaline rush of fighting an enemy ...

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    Sandbox PvP that's when shit get's serious. Most of you don't even know the adrenaline rush of fighting an enemy and if you lose you lose everything on your character. Depending on what you're carrying you act like it's life or death. Stuff that could have taken hours to get at stake. It's a rush indeed.

    Yes but for E-sport the simpler the better like @sprinkles said. Less variables less chance for imbalance.

    The only other competitive environment that matches this is E-War (self made term), a game that facilitates digital wars, more or less a good Sandbox MMO. Mortal Online is mainly my reference point. However Sandboxes are the complete opposite their purpose isnt making things balanced but having so many options in front of you that your Alliance/Guild needs to research and it's not only a battle of skilled warriors but skilled minds designing the gear, making new tactics etc... just like real war.
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    I'm enjoying ME3 multiplayer pretty much.

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    In all honesty, the eSport comment, was my interpretation of why the PvP in GW2 will outdo most competitors. Not to be a comparison of its actual PvP, when compared to well known eSport titles.

    I should have probably noted, the most valuable piece of information within that link was the last video. Just to give you an idea of what is GW2's PvP.

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    I somewhat agree with Sprinkles and DarkWarrior.
    I don't believe MMOs or RPGs can make proper e-sports simply because they're not built for it. It doesn't matter what game it is, they'll always have balance problems that can never truly be sorted out simply because the games are built around making everything as different as possible.

    Anyway, every time I remember diablo 3 is only a month away:

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    long time no play
    counter strike
    red alert

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