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Who is a celebrity that is usually found attractive, but you don't think is?

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This is a discussion on Who is a celebrity that is usually found attractive, but you don't think is? within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; megan of fox...

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    megan of fox

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    Most celebrities I can think of; at best I can only find the stone-face of Keanu Reeves extremely appealing but he is most often considered a "vampire", not "attractive".

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    Emma Stone. Never got what is such a big deal about her.

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    Benedict Cumberbatch. He kind of looks like an alien. Not sure if it's mainly his personality or his character that people are attracted to but I don't get the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sybow View Post
    The Emma Watson thing is just way too overrated..
    Smart enough to exploit herself for money, not smart enough to be considered genius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crystal117 View Post
    scarlett johanssen - don't understand why everyone thinks she's so attractive...
    ...her nose is kind of huge.

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    Never will understand how girls are into that fugly, bug-eyed gingerbread troll, Ed Sheeran.

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    benedict cumberbatch
    ed sheeran
    matt smith

    basically any actor one of those british-obsessed teenage girls will fantasize over to a horrible extent

    also i never really got the george clooney thing.

    most girls i can find pretty cute though

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    Kim Kardashian

    I've never really had a thing for most celebs anyway

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