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Females & Hairy Armpits

View Poll Results: Why don't you shave your armpits?

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  • It makes me feel beautiful and/or It looks better that way

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    179 62.15%
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This is a discussion on Females & Hairy Armpits within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; This made me lol so hard. I have seen a few women rocking the good ol' pit hair....

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    This made me lol so hard. I have seen a few women rocking the good ol' pit hair.

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    It is very weird to me that it is considered weird to choose NOT to do it. As a girl I have grown up being told that something completely natural on my body is disgusting and ugly.

    It is weird that something you can't help coming, is something you are socially pressured to spend money on removing because everybody around you think you should.

    All this causes it to seem unnatural for women to have hairy armpits, when in truth we actually do.

    I think saying it is unhygienic to not shave is bullshit. Good hygiene is cleaning yourself. Hair on the body is not unhygienic.

    I don't know why this question is asked in this way. I would rather ask: Why do you CHOOSE to shave?

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    France in a nutshell
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    I don't particularly care for armpit stubble. And it just grows, why fight an uphill battle against my own armpits? So long as I don't smell and I'm not rubbing my armpit in your face, why does anyone care? The standards for hair removal just seem so arbitrary and stupid to me.

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    Indicates sexuality. It's part fashion and part sexual inhibition. Varies with the culture of the country. Also aesthetics. Ever notice males when they raise their arms in movies? What do you see? I don't think the issue applies exclusively to females, but females are held more to the cultural standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyCooper97 View Post
    France in a nutshell
    Your intel's 70 years old. Murica in a nutshell.
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    Gross, on either men or women. Hair traps odours and makes you look unkempt... you are supposed to shave or at least trim your armpits, I mean people trim their hair (on their head) as well because nobody wants to look like a homeless hobo. People also trim bushes and mown the lawn because they don't want their surroundings to be unkempt. The same goes for armpit hair. People who tell themselves it's OK to walk around looking like a forest are only lying to themselves, nobody thinks that it's aesthetically pleasing at all, unless you have a specific fetish for that.
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