Is facebook here to stay? or will it fade away..

Is facebook here to stay? or will it fade away..

View Poll Results: Is facebook here to stay? or is it a fad?

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  • Facebook is definitely going to survive

    46 22.01%
  • facebook is just a fad and will eventually be taken over by other social networks

    108 51.67%
  • I don't care because facebook is awesome

    13 6.22%
  • Facebook is annoying so w/e

    85 40.67%
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This is a discussion on Is facebook here to stay? or will it fade away.. within the Trends Forum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Is facebook a fad? Is Facebook a passing fad? Nearly half of Americans think so -

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    Is facebook here to stay? or will it fade away..

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    Never had a facebook. Never gonna have a facebook. It's just like MySpace...and look what happened there. Go figure.

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    I think it'll morph into something else and just continue changing with the times. I don't know that it'll always be facebook, but social networking has become pretty integrated into my generation at least, and I don't see that going away completely.

    That said, I hardly ever use my facebook anymore. I keep it because it's been around for so long and has so many pictures on it and makes contacting some people more convenient. Also I love going back to old wall-to-walls for a laugh. Can you still do that? I lost how to do that when it switched to Timeline. :/
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    I'm using facebook a lot, but its future is quite questionable. We'll just have to see...
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    I just use it to plan events and keep in contact with a few individuals who seems to forget that Facebook isn't the only form of communication.
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    I don't really use facebook. Part of it is my inability to maintain relationships over the internet/long distance relationships....aka I tend to forget if ppl aren't there to interact with.

    This basically means I'll forget to use facebook for weeks, sometimes months. also feels empty communicating like that.
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    Meh, don't know, don't really care. I'll just make a big move like everyone else if something else comes along. As long as I have an alternative to talking on the phone, I'm happy.
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    I think it will stay basically because the phrase "the end of " and to "TV", "Radio", "newspapers" etc., is just overrated in my opinion. We haven't seen the last of the aforementioned products demise and I doubt facebook will end. I mean just in the tech industry, the laptop came, the ipad, the ibook, all these things that eat into the PC, yet the PC still stands, and so does Microsoft Windows.
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    I don't think so, I am seeing always more and more people complaining about it. Maybe it won't fade away next year, but in 10 years, I think, it will be replaced by something else and disappear, just like MySpace and other old stuff.
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    Facebook might become too big for itself and branch off into mini-Facebooks, one for games, business, friends, what have you.

    But it'll probably still keep track of one name the whole time, sort of like how Google + keeps track of everything you do. I think it'll stay, just because so many people use it for many different reasons, and there will probably be more reasons to go on it in the future.
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