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Are you most attracted to the powerful or the needy?

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This is a discussion on Are you most attracted to the powerful or the needy? within the Type 2 Forum - The Helper forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; Like others have said, I'm more attracted to a combination of the two. I like to feel needed, so I ...

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    Type 9w1

    Like others have said, I'm more attracted to a combination of the two. I like to feel needed, so I seek contact with those who fulfill that for me. This is mostly a temporary thing, though. I gravitate toward powerful people because they have what I don't. I feel like I need their approval and want to work my way into their favor. Again, this usually doesn't last. My most solid relationships are formed outside of these tendencies, and I think it works best this way.

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    Type 2

    Personally, i'm attracted to the weak and broken. It's that need to be needed thing. But now im really weary and try to stay away from such people due to bad experiences, but its almost impossible! One time, i invested a lot (emotionally) in helping this guy in healing and getting back on his feet. Along the way, i got dependent and addicted to the feeling of being needed. But once he was alright, he no longer needed me and i think i died (it felt like that anyway). It took me a long time to get over that... I've never been attracted to those in power, sure maybe a little but very rarely. Maybe because i don't want to feel inferior, i'm not very sure.

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    With an interest in nursing, it seems I've set my life to devoting myself to the needy. I have a strong desire to do everything I can to make the needy less needy. As for helping the powerful... I don't have a disdain for the powerful, but it's difficult for me to click with anybody who isn't humble. At the same time. I know how fun it is to be in the good graces of somebody with power over something or has a lot of something. However, whenever I have any say in something like that, a powerful person's life or excess of goods, I pass it or the influence onward to the needy more often than not.
    I'd say mostly focused on those who actually need help.

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    I'm attracted to people that I see as having an inner strength and lots of potential. These people have usually been in a time of need (no place to live, no job, just experienced great loss or hardship).
    I have a need to try and help people find their happiness again - to be that boost to get them back on track.
    This usually backfires in my face.
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    For friendships, I always seek out the needy. I've never had a romantic partner but I am very much attracted to powerful individuals. There's a part of me that doesn't think I can have a fulfilling and healthy relationship if I only take care of them the entire time.

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    Type 9

    The two that I know was attracted to my brokenness...Which is ironic, because I was trying to use it subtly as a way to make him lose interest in me. It backfired, and now he wants to show me that his love is sufficient for me and will make me happy and fulfilled. However, I don't think he would have been attracted to me had he not seen the kind of willpower and "inner strength" I have. I do think he's trying to use his "love" to unlock potential in me. Heh.
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    Type 9w1

    I just want to help the people who are present in my life and can use my help/support. Simple as that. If they happen to be powerful people, I'll help, and if they happen to be weak and needy I'll help too.

    However, truth be told, if a powerful person and a weak/needy person came to me for help at the same time and I would only have time to help one of them I would probably help out the weaker person.

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    I like powerful, intelligent people because on some level I am trying to make up for something I deep down feel I'm lacking or feel insecure about. It's weird I almost put them on a pedestal, give them everything I have and feel completely empty in the end. When I was dating I found the needy attractive at times, but I found they confused my kindness with weakness and I would run when they started taking advantage.

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    Type 2

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    2 fixer, and I would definitely say needy, to the point where I have seduced people with suicidal ideation and abuse victims because I wanted to rescue them, have easy access to vulnerability and be able to pamper them without them becoming spoiled. I don't mind emotional dependence or clingyness. hell, I thrive on that shit

    Quote Originally Posted by DJArendee View Post
    The compatibility thread says 8's and 2's are pretty good together.
    that's a terrible pairing. 2s and 8s are both power seeking. the 2 would try to covertly wrap his/her talons around the 8's emotions. the 8 would smell it and retaliate

    Also, apparently 8's and 2's start to look more like one another as they mature.
    agreed. this has a lot to do with subtypes (Sp 8 and Sp 2 could not look more different, but Social 8 and Social 2 can look almost identical)

    The 8 becomes more caring, the 2 becomes more self-something (fill in the blank here cuz I don't fully understand twos).
    both healthy 2s and healthy 8s have a good balance of caring and protectiveness with "getting theirs". perhaps this is what you mean (not that you'll be able to answer )

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