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This is a discussion on The Venting/Discussion/Confessions Thread for Type 3s within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; 4w3, but I feel this confession is related to my very strong 3 wing: I hate when people compare me ...

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    4w3, but I feel this confession is related to my very strong 3 wing:

    I hate when people compare me to others, cause I automatically feel like I have to compete and be evaluated positively, or else I'm lacking. Recently I read that I shouldn't be envious cause what others have may not even be in my best interest. I try to keep that in mind nowadays, cause it does bring me comfort knowing I'm doing the best I can, in the context of me as an individual.
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    Type 3w4

    These are the things that I feel are because of my 3 nature. That may not be true.

    The good - what I feel good about being a 3 is that, I m able to copy other people well.. I mean, I m able I catch things very easily, I m able to apply them very easily. And also, I m able to suppress my shame and work above it.

    The bad- I feel that I m too much out of touch with my emotions.. that is due to my mbti type, but I think that is also majorly due to being a 3! And also it somehow contradicts my type.

    Being a 3, its like I m not able to manage my life properly, because it sort of becomes dependent kn worldly objects. Reputation, status, people, image.... It was all difficult to identify and realize.

    I have 3w4 in heart portion btw.

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    I am a working progress. My aspirations keep me on my toes. I am in constant desire for progress and constantly puting solutions to dissatisfaction.

    My mom, on the other hand, accepts things and complain. I find this very unhealthy and unlovable. This, being a weakness, is an understatement. I can't feel my love for her sometimeswhen she goes on a complaining spree about things that are impermanent and could be solved.

    I feel like she isn't good enough for herself or for me, which I feel conflicted about. What kind of person would feel this way? Our culture is extremely family oriented and i deviate to many norms. I would like to find about myself more.

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    I see the most efficient ratio relationship was 3W4.

    I see a lot of long term relationship with people have the same enneagreał. same with 5 and 6 if they have the same

    For the others its a fail 7 and 8 for exemple don't match at all.


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    This 3 is feeling so weak.


    Please help me God in facing issues my heart and mind will take time processing. Please help me exude patience, understanding, and love to people who deserve it. I am no one but I want to be with someone.

    I've grown numb to my own hurts. I cause myself unintended pain. Please help me see the goodness out of every situation. Please help me have the important solutions for causes around me that will help me reach self actualization.

    Please help me trudge an easy life because I fear I don't have what it takes to overcome a difficult one. My heart is weak. Emotions break me. Please help me dwell in environments where love and support is abundant. I ask because I can't provide for myself anymore. Please help people around me heal. Guide them because I can't. Their issues have become mine and burying this fact makes me unhappy deep inside.

    I grew up in love, kindness, compassion, honesty and positivity. I don't know how to live through situations that are different from this. If life is truly worth living, help my senses experience this without limitations. Help my heart find peace because it's tired of feeling wronged. I'm tired of not trusting everything and everyone including you.

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